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Фото "A snowy day in Copenhagen"

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A snowy day in Copenhagen
Nikon Coolpix 880. Desaturated all but the red girl with the bike. 
сб 12 янв 2002 12:28
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Петр Медведев Петр Медведев #2 сб 12 янв 2002 13:56

Very pretty shot. The red girl makes a real charm!

Надежда Квитка Надежда Квитка #3 сб 12 янв 2002 14:56

It so is beautiful... Snow-covered street
The mood is perfectly transferred(handed)..
Very much it was pleasant to me..
Attracts a sight the girl in red, with a bicycle

Val Nick Val Nick #4 сб 12 янв 2002 15:06

perfect work

Kakha Kakha #5 сб 12 янв 2002 15:49

Very emotional and impresive photo!

4yl 4yl #6 сб 12 янв 2002 18:42

"WOW!!!" for me.

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #7 сб 12 янв 2002 18:45

Wonderful graphics and movement.

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #8 сб 12 янв 2002 19:04

wow, how nice! улыбаюсь good move on the desaturation and the remaming red (though it seems a little uneven, esp around the bike area). It`s not a new trick (take "Schindler`s List", the movie, for instance) but it works very well here. I like the angle and the composition, though I`d suggest trying what it`d look like if you`d snip a bit off left, right, and top. I`d give a suggested crop, but can`t do so on this site. I can e-mail you if you like. Visually and semantically, i think it`s great that the red (phantom) figure is blending in with the crowd. Compositionally, I think it`d be easier for the eye to naturally find her if she were `higher` up in the photo. The building in the fore seems to be leaning left - I`d try correcting the slant, see if it does no harm to the image. Hope you don`t mind all the above. Kudos to you for creating a complex image that`s fun and interesting to "travel" through улыбаюсь oh, one more thing - i`m not at all sure about the thin red frame. P.S. what were the camera settings?

Alberto Alberto #9 сб 12 янв 2002 22:29

Really very nice, red girl excellent....

Babette Babette #10 вс 13 янв 2002 00:16

!!! Still I tend to agree with Cosmin. Would be more elegant pic without red, IMHO.

Howard Wolowitz Howard Wolowitz #11 вс 13 янв 2002 01:06

Captured perfectly. The red girl makes turns it into a work of art.

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #12 вс 13 янв 2002 07:16

Very nice!

Trine Sirnes Trine Sirnes #13 пн 14 янв 2002 18:33

Thank you all so much for your nice comments. I understand some had different ideas about this photo, and believe me, I have tried those diferent approaches. Still, for me, this came out as the best. Thanks again.


Fernando Gomez Vintilde aras Fernando Gomez Vintilde aras #14 пн 14 янв 2002 21:10