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Сергей Заломанин Сергей Заломанин #1 пн 14 янв 2002 00:23

Розы и "бриллианты" всегда вместе...

Temabina Temabina #2 пн 14 янв 2002 00:57

!!! улыбаюсь

Alekseev Dmitry Alekseev Dmitry #3 пн 14 янв 2002 01:33


Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #4 пн 14 янв 2002 06:00


ATTENTION ATTENTION #5 вт 15 янв 2002 20:35

Спасибо всем за внимание, мнения и оценки.

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #6 сб 19 янв 2002 05:24

a rose is a rose is a rose
at least this is what the picture suggests to me

i am the passenger on this ship the picture
there is a guide on the deck
especially meant to be of assistance
to make the unknown known the mysterious plain the implicit explicit the elusive and imperceptible obvious and dry to join the historical account and the anecdotal
so that the trip is more fun
we do not have to worry (we are reassured) we do not have to pay extra it comes in the package

some of use leave the group and go astray
to let imagination do the work
to have everything left unspoiled

it is true that there are guides that reveal without making a fuss without blemishing and marring

those are the guides i would like to fill the deck of my ships