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Photo "Fascination Street"

photo "Fascination Street" tags: architecture, landscape,
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Fascination Street
Oh it`s opening time
Down on Fascination Street
So let`s cut the conversation
And get out for a bit
Because I feel it all fading and paling
And I`m begging
To drag you down with me
To kick the last nail in
mon 14 Jan 2002 15:17
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Maro Maro #1 mon 14 Jan 2002 17:03

очень интересный снимок!

Babette Babette #2 mon 14 Jan 2002 17:39

! There is something in this shot I cannot quite express in words smile Maybe that`s what fascination is all about?

Nikolai Toushkanov Nikolai Toushkanov #3 mon 14 Jan 2002 18:44

Нра smile

Denis Borisov-Ris Denis Borisov-Ris #4 mon 14 Jan 2002 18:58

Babette: The name of a photo is a name songs of group the Cure

Dmitry Dmitry Dmitry Dmitry #5 mon 14 Jan 2002 22:38

Класс! Это же всех разогнать надо было! Ретро в современной обработке smile

Denis Borisov-Ris Denis Borisov-Ris #6 mon 14 Jan 2002 23:04

Alekseev Dmitry: Никого особо и разгонять не пришлось, Столешников скорее мертв, чем жив crying

Svetlana Demidenko Svetlana Demidenko #7 mon 28 Jan 2002 09:45

Прошлый век? Очень нравятся солнечны зайчики на ступеньках.

JORGE JACINTO JORGE JACINTO #8 Tue 29 Jan 2002 16:59

Good !
I like it !

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #9 Wed 20 Feb 2002 05:42

very interesting how everything - the car and the building just the same - seems to be leaning forward as if the earth is about to be upturned
the position of the front wheels will be fatal to the car - it will tumble sooner than it normally should - if not removed soon - and if it happens then the only lively thing - look at the sick colour in those walls - will disappear

Andrew Murphy Andrew Murphy #10 Wed 20 Feb 2002 05:47

So pull on your hair
Pull on your pout
Cut the conversation just open your mouth


Nice shot, indeed.

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #11 Wed 19 Jun 2002 23:03

You are an artist.....and very poetic.....
Nice with that piece of music.....
Excellent shot.....