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Фото "Stones and Trees"

фото "Stones and Trees" метки: пейзаж, горы
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Stones and Trees
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вт 22 янв 2002 16:08
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SM SM #1 вт 22 янв 2002 16:19

Очень понравилось, может побольше бы камней, но все равно хорошо ;~)

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #2 вт 22 янв 2002 18:07

Very nice scenic. Good job!

Wayne Leach

Asya Akhoundova Asya Akhoundova #3 вт 22 янв 2002 19:13


Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #4 ср 6 фев 2002 04:24

hi there
i`ve been around for so long now - a few weeks - but have been subjected to such an abundance of pictures that it was not until today that i could get to have a look at – some, for the beginning, of - your own images
i am tio pepe the photographer active as a commentator only - i have not posted any picture of mine yet (except of course the one on my member page)
i say words that i hope could reach the minds of people they are addressed to
some say they find them helpful others do not react to them at all they might be busy taking pictures and/or writing comments on and rating pictures by other people some of them might even get a little mad because of my being straightforward (that`s the purpose isn`t it)
i love these guys one day they will realize not everything about their pictures is good and - i hope - finally start making a move
i am not always active on this site as sometimes duty calls with an irresistible voice yet i shall try to come back to everything every once in a while for continuity`s sake

i see you like landscapes among other possible subjects
i see you go for what is soft and gentle
so that some of your shots can be used by environmentalists in support of their cause
i like how the frame here goes with the desolate sky and the desolate mountains and the desolate valley
then standing out the two trees on top of it all almost barren as if survivors of some disaster induced by man the father and mother and aunt and uncle and brother and sister etc of all evil
that is how i read this picture to have in it more than just a landscape taken for the sake of it
it was not taken just for the sake of it was it

what i like is the sky and the mountains in the foreground
they really go together

something lively would have pleased me too but then the message would have been quite another