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Фото "Silk Scarf Sunset 2"

фото "Silk Scarf Sunset 2" метки: пейзаж, закат, облака
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Silk Scarf Sunset 2
The Provia version of the sunset a few minutes earlier than the digital - a little yellower the sun a little higher - the film - Provia 
ср 30 янв 2002 06:22
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Виктория Виктория #1 ср 30 янв 2002 09:59


Юрий SH Юрий SH #2 ср 30 янв 2002 10:29

I love your sunsets, Greg !

Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #3 ср 30 янв 2002 13:02


Юрий 137 Юрий 137 #4 ср 30 янв 2002 15:45

You as always at height!!!

Закадр Закадр #5 ср 30 янв 2002 16:28

Remarkable colors. An excellent composition! Very much it is pleasant Greg!

Aguinaldo Calheiros Vera-Cruz Aguinaldo Calheiros Vera-Cruz #6 ср 30 янв 2002 19:20

Excellent, Greg ! Fortunately this is not a "private" site to birds photos ! Nice to meet you here ! (ACVC)

Сергей Милицкий Сергей Милицкий #7 ср 30 янв 2002 23:26


JORGE JACINTO JORGE JACINTO #8 ср 30 янв 2002 23:54

Very good Picture !

A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA #9 чт 31 янв 2002 03:14

I like both of them !

sophie sophie #10 чт 31 янв 2002 18:25

Honey in the sky .. fantastic !

Asya Akhoundova Asya Akhoundova #11 пт 1 фев 2002 04:02

Прямо северное сияние!!!!!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #12 ср 6 фев 2002 04:46

indeed you`ve got people used to having such shots coming from you
my question is how much time do you spend outdoors (actually there are more than one:) how far do you go how much attention do you pay to weather forecasts how much do you sleep a night

my reading of this is that something has just crossed the sky
not like a comet but still something that would leave a trace for some time - one way or another
it was light and that is why the earth is now immersed in darkness
or it was something chasing the sun
something terrible
it could have been a witch - i do get the feeling more and more people speak about witches and the supernatural these days (actually i find that rather silly - to put it mildly)

whatever the thing/cause/reason the lower clouds and the darkened land and trees speak to me of things violent and swift

`Silk Scarf Sunset` no 1 could probably tell a different story - it is much darker
i do not know if i were able to choose one of the two and get rid of the other they are not the same at all

Greg Summers Greg Summers #13 ср 6 фев 2002 05:21

Tio - your comments make me laugh - I do sleep a night and I don`t go far - this is about 5 minutes from my house - everything I shoot is within 30 miles and most within 5. I pay a lot of attention to the weather and pray for wet weather and look out thew window a lot near sunset and get up early when I think there will be clouds. Without cclouds - there is little color int he winter. I spend about an hour or two a day and on weekends more and I look around a lot. Lately, I have been taking pictures of ducks at Boulder Creek learning to use a new digital camera - it is a while new thing. I am beginning to learn ducks and make friends and now they come up and nibble from my hand and let me get quite close. Still, the pictures are anything special - not a lot of photographers are know for mallards. I will send you and post an image so you can see the fruits of my mallard practices. I want to see who they are, ut so far what I`ve learned is they like people who feed them and they don`t like to share the food. This has little to do with this image - and thank you - I appreciate you see the images as different. it is sometimes beyond what I can see since I took them and it happened at the same time. it takes a year or two for me to detach and forget i was there and see clearly or at least more clearly.

Gunnar Hansen Gunnar Hansen #14 ср 6 фев 2002 10:26

Love the sky, a little more saturation on the sky, and a little more light on the foreground.
Gunnar Hansen

Ktulu-babe Ktulu-babe #15 вс 10 фев 2002 01:56

Silk it is!