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Фото "The Old Shed"

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JP Zorn JP Zorn #1 чт 31 янв 2002 06:45

Fine muted colors. Nice shapes and angles. Like a puzzle.

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #2 чт 31 янв 2002 07:11

Muted is the keyword. This is totally a scene I could find myself being attracted to for its hues, lines, peeling paint & more, so it`s no wonder I like it in your execution as well. Not sure about 2 things here - the `need` for the presence of your reflection, and whether more of the right (blue & gray) and less of the left should be included.

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #3 чт 31 янв 2002 07:12

Beautiful use of linear patterns, Howard.

Babette Babette #4 чт 31 янв 2002 08:42

Nice image, indeed. Though I think Alenka is right about your reflection. Distracts somehow.


Very with restraint on color and it is strong on mood!

Юрий SH Юрий SH #6 чт 31 янв 2002 10:24

I like the mood here !

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #7 чт 31 янв 2002 11:27

Wonderful composition, great colours and textures.

Закадр Закадр #8 чт 31 янв 2002 17:02

The geometry and the textures have liked light and shadows.

Slavets Slavets #9 чт 31 янв 2002 19:10

Likable colors and mood, but the barrel distortion is a bit disturbing

Galinka Galinka #10 пт 1 фев 2002 01:39

So many angles! Fine!