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Фото "All Soul's Prospect"

фото "All Soul's Prospect" метки: пейзаж, вода, горы
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All Soul's Prospect
место съемки:
Our final stop on our alpine circuit hike at Lake O'Hara before our descent is at a location named All Soul's Prospect. All Souls day is November 2- a day of prayer for the departed. The final push to All Souls Prospect is steep, although not as tough as Wiwaxy Gap. There were also a couple of snow patches that had to be traversed(more about that in the next shot) The initial part of the hike to Wiwaxy gap, can be seen in the opposite side of the picture. The weather has started to get a little cloudy, and the wind is very strong at this point. The altitude is 2500m just 38m shy of Wiwaxy gap. One more shot coming up that shows our hike from the Obapin Plateau to All Soul's prospect. 
ср 21 фев 2007 22:58
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Дмитрий Бодунов Дмитрий Бодунов #1 ср 21 фев 2007 23:02

Very beautiful!!!

Yuriy MS Yuriy MS #2 ср 21 фев 2007 23:07

Another wonderful work, very interesting title!!! Warm regards

System System #3 ср 21 фев 2007 23:22

the photo has been reuploaded
фотография была заменена

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #4 ср 21 фев 2007 23:38

another nice view...
great walk!!!!

ric alexander ric alexander #5 ср 21 фев 2007 23:43

you have been blessed with views that can only be described as breathtaking, the appela factor of this scene is excellent

silvia marmori silvia marmori #6 чт 22 фев 2007 00:25

oh, oh.. my birthday day.. улыбаюсь
that's why it looks so nice подмигиваю

impressive, jim.. wonderful all!

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #7 чт 22 фев 2007 00:35

Another unbelievable view улыбаюсь I think I'll have the chopper pilot set down on this peak so I can take a few shots and oh did I mention I have hot chocolate on board ?!

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #13 чт 22 фев 2007 17:41

It's a little windy, but maybe he can do it. Sure would beat the steep descent down. Hot chocolate sounds great right now, and it would be a lot quicker than the hike down to the lodge! улыбаюсь

Simone Pepoli Simone Pepoli #8 чт 22 фев 2007 01:12

Woonderful !!
excellent place

congrats >sim

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #9 чт 22 фев 2007 03:48

So Lord Jim. You are still on your stroll. Great shot.

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #12 чт 22 фев 2007 17:36

This one's about over Barry. But there's still more!

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #15 пт 23 фев 2007 04:15

Just thought it was a small treck Lord Jim. We do some that are 30 miles a day !

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #17 пт 23 фев 2007 17:06

Wish I could say I was in that kind of shape. I think I could do it if it were flat. The hike to halfdome was about all I could handle in one day. You must start out in the dark. улыбаюсь

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #10 чт 22 фев 2007 09:53

Great work, my friend!!!!
Warm regards!

Antti Ikonen Antti Ikonen #11 чт 22 фев 2007 16:52

Great view with very clear colours