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Фото "Snow!"

фото "Snow!" метки: пейзаж, зима
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место съемки:
How is photographer meant to practice snow scenes when we only get one day a year? Stay out all day! 
чт 1 мар 2007 18:51
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remi aerts remi aerts #1 чт 1 мар 2007 19:28

very!very nice composition

silvia marmori silvia marmori #2 чт 1 мар 2007 19:37

it deserved the cold you got!.. such beautiful..
simple, and so effective..

Janis Katlaps Janis Katlaps #3 чт 1 мар 2007 21:57

very nice

AlArt AlArt #4 пт 2 мар 2007 00:41


Conde J Conde J #5 пт 2 мар 2007 03:27

Great photo.

Maybe problems with your sensor - dust ???

kim craik kim craik #7 пт 2 мар 2007 10:50

I don't understand? I can't see the problem you are referring to but I would welcome advice Thanks, Kim

Николай Черкасов Николай Черкасов #8 пт 2 мар 2007 14:08

Here it is (highlited with red) мой вариант фото

вариант фото

Николай Черкасов Николай Черкасов #9 пт 2 мар 2007 14:10

But it most likely is snow, but not dust.

kim craik kim craik #12 сб 3 мар 2007 00:14

Thank you for pointing this out to me. It could be snow on the skylight filter as it had just started again when I was taking this. I appreciate your time.

Conde J Conde J #15 вс 4 мар 2007 19:53

Sorry Kim but in my monitor it looks like dust, but could be Snow, or some reflection.

I hope Nikolay variante photo shows you what i ment.

Best Regards and ancious to see more photos in here

kim craik kim craik #16 пн 5 мар 2007 17:20

Thanks for pointing it out. It is not very often I get a chance to photograph an almost complete white frame and it could be dust which I have not noticed.

Jose CalvinHo Jose CalvinHo #10 пт 2 мар 2007 14:44

Almost graphic. Sad, but I like it!

Ольга Г Ольга Г #11 пт 2 мар 2007 22:53

Beautiful composition and tonality!

ric alexander ric alexander #13 сб 3 мар 2007 02:59

i love the posiiton of the trees, good contrast between their dark tones and the white snow

Judith Tomaz- 999 Judith Tomaz- 999 #14 вс 4 мар 2007 14:27