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Фото "More than knee deep"

фото "More than knee deep" метки: природа, дикие животные
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More than knee deep
A second from my visit to a wetlands area.
I took the photo on a hot day, the flamingo was thirsty and had just taken a drink.
A beautiful creature which is majestic to watch
Hope you likeit and a good week to everyone n the group 
вт 27 фев 2007 00:01
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Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #1 вт 27 фев 2007 00:08

Very much enjoy your wildlife work Ric. Great shot with the water dripping and perfect capture of the eye.

Linda Mercaldo Linda Mercaldo #2 вт 27 фев 2007 00:13

Fantastic tones Ric!Another wonderful picture улыбаюсь

Галина Дмитриева Галина Дмитриева #4 вт 27 фев 2007 00:28

Excellent work! Congrats

Petur Einarsson Petur Einarsson #5 вт 27 фев 2007 00:31

Excellent work!
I like it

Dorota K. Dorota K. #6 вт 27 фев 2007 00:43

love the colors and detail of his feathers,water looks amazing, excellent job..)

Roberto Palladini Roberto Palladini #7 вт 27 фев 2007 00:43

Wonderful capture, very beautiful color and reflections. Congrats

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #8 вт 27 фев 2007 01:14

WOW!!! Excellent and wonderful work with lovely reflections!!! Great light and colors!!! Congrats, dear friend!

Дмитрий Бодунов Дмитрий Бодунов #9 вт 27 фев 2007 01:17

Fantastic picture!!!
very beautiful!!!

Yuriy MS Yuriy MS #10 вт 27 фев 2007 01:25

Very beautiful image, regards

Игорь Папеев Игорь Папеев #11 вт 27 фев 2007 01:35

Excellent colors! Beautiful pose of bird!
Wonderful water!!!

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #12 вт 27 фев 2007 02:11

Excellent tones.
beautiful reflection of the flamingo colors in the watre
great work my dear

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #13 вт 27 фев 2007 02:31

Ric, this is another great shot. In particular the focus is for me thought-provoking.

You've got the bird somewhere in the middle area of the focal DOF. This allows for the clear foreground reflection, and some focus in the immediate water beyond, which helps provide a sense of perspective and dimension.

A very useful image for the learning curve. Top bombing !!

Conde J Conde J #14 вт 27 фев 2007 02:33

Fantastic tones, great colors.

Very sharp , just a great photo.


alessandro mezzenzana alessandro mezzenzana #15 вт 27 фев 2007 02:58

excellent work good detail Regards

Ольга Загороднова Ольга Загороднова #16 вт 27 фев 2007 07:21

Great moment, unusual view without legs.