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Фото "Music Pistons in....Rest"

фото "Music Pistons in....Rest" метки: абстракция, макро и крупный план,
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Music Pistons in....Rest
This photo was taken in Alvito (Portugal). It is a small village. However, that day (last 13/06) it wasa special day for their habitants: The Portuguese President was visiting them. So, for them, it was a party day. The local music band, folklore dancers, and so on ! The President should have arrived at 7.00 PM. As much as I took knowledge next day (I use to spendmy week-ends there) he arrived at....10.00 PM !! The reasons ? Well, no more comments.... Politicians !
During sometime I took some photos from the music and (they like it very much !!!) and this one is one of them !! 
пн 17 июн 2002 12:51
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Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #1 пн 17 июн 2002 13:03

Excellent composition !!

Виктория Виктория #2 пн 17 июн 2002 13:06

Colorful and beautiful! улыбаюсь

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #3 пн 17 июн 2002 13:35

A great and beautiful close up. Nice shot. Congratulations, Aguinaldo Vera-Cruz

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #4 пн 17 июн 2002 13:59

Different...refreshing photo.....
The light is perfect...and I like the soft background.....

Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #5 пн 17 июн 2002 14:11

Not even the president!!!!!
What a country! улыбаюсь )
Excellent as always
Regards my friend

Teresa Rosa Teresa Rosa #6 пн 17 июн 2002 15:21

Absolutletly divine!!!!!

Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #7 пн 17 июн 2002 15:24

A very beautiful composition.
It is really the rest of old, distinguished tube

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #8 пн 17 июн 2002 15:31

Good eye, Aguinaldo!

Mario Ferreira Mario Ferreira #9 пн 17 июн 2002 17:06

Spectacular, Mr. Aguinaldo.

Alex Amelin Alex Amelin #10 пн 17 июн 2002 17:42

Very nice !

J. Carlos J. Carlos #11 пн 17 июн 2002 19:00

Magnificent shot.

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #12 пн 17 июн 2002 19:58

Superb shot well taken...

Надежда Квитка Надежда Квитка #13 пн 17 июн 2002 20:15

It would be desirable a button to press...
Excellent composition !!

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #14 пн 17 июн 2002 20:40

Well, well, well done !!!! Receive my delight !!!!

Андрей Гирич Андрей Гирич #15 пн 17 июн 2002 20:50

Very beautiful shot!