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Фото "on glittering sand and water.."

фото "on glittering sand and water.." метки: пейзаж, природа, вода
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on glittering sand and water.. к
место съемки:
well... the last!.. i hope it wasn't boring, the series at my river..
This image, even it looks same sky as my previous , was taken another day, not so diaphanous..
The light was in such mood that it crossed the somehow mist atmosphere and added silver to the ripples..
maybe to let us remember that this is the Rio de la Plata (silver's river)
One second after i shot, the seagulls flew away... but the kid went on running happily and free , on glittering sand and waters.. 
ср 14 мар 2007 00:03
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 ср 14 мар 2007 00:05

it is an amazing series... i like so much that one, and than kid it is great here... congrats and regards for your remarkable work

miguel miguel #2 ср 14 мар 2007 00:08

Not boring at all silvia. It has a wonderful mood and lovely reflections. Kisses.

Jorge Rosa Jorge Rosa #3 ср 14 мар 2007 00:22

Excellent composition, colors and light, very beautiful photo!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #4 ср 14 мар 2007 00:28

set against the blue of the sky, this really captures
a wonderful scene. I think you did a very nice job here.

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #5 ср 14 мар 2007 01:03

....just lovelly....

Rich Read Rich Read #6 ср 14 мар 2007 01:21

Nicely composed with good detail. It looks very warm and inviting.

АмиЛи АмиЛи #7 ср 14 мар 2007 01:32

This is fairy land...Amazing athmosphere, light, colors...Best compliments!

Наталья Жукова Наталья Жукова #8 ср 14 мар 2007 01:39

отлично получилась динамика !плывут облака в воде и на небе...корабли качаются на волнах .И человек бежит ..здорово!!

Дмитрий Бодунов Дмитрий Бодунов #9 ср 14 мар 2007 01:53

Excellent series, very beautiful works with remarkable notes. To me very much like ))

ric alexander ric alexander #10 ср 14 мар 2007 02:12

Boring ? Why ?
It is critique so i give pro's and cons
the boy running and his reflection is good, almost as if trying to chase birds, and although not your best photo, should we compare to past photos ? No, i think not. If we did that, we would only comment on 2 or 3 photos per day.
Very appealing sil, at least it is good, in my eyes !!!

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #11 ср 14 мар 2007 02:57

Lovely! Wonderful! So beautiful your river !
Your soul is really here... in your River .. de la Plata...
Besssos... from another river...

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #12 ср 14 мар 2007 03:35

Exceptionally beautiful shot dear Sil.

Judith Tomaz- 999 Judith Tomaz- 999 #13 ср 14 мар 2007 03:45

Very beautiful!!!
Beijinhos, Silvia!

andrew bart andrew bart #14 ср 14 мар 2007 04:26

Portugueses think - "Оh, no!!!... Again these Russian churches!!!"... Russians think - "Оh, no!!!... Again these sea waves!!!"...

Geoff Playfair Geoff Playfair #15 ср 14 мар 2007 06:08

The reflection completes this seascape. Good work! (and thank-you for the notes - most enjoyable and they add background to the picture).