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Фото "Mt. Assiniboine comes into view?"

фото "Mt. Assiniboine comes into view?" метки: пейзаж, путешествия, Северная Америка, горы
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Mt. Assiniboine comes into view?
место съемки:
Our hike continues reaching the farthest I am going today before turning back toward the bus stop. Hiking has been fairly simple to this point. Mt. Assiniboine can be seen in the right side of the picture. Unfortunately, clouds prohibit viewing the entire moutain which is considered the Matterhorn of North America. I waited for a long time to see the top of the peak but never did before turning around to go back. Other pictures I have seen of the mountain make me dissapointed the clouds got in the way. It's getting quite cold now and the feeling of snow is in the air. Is this really August? At 3,618 m (11,871 ft), Mt. Assiniboine is the highest peak in the Southern Continental Ranges of the Canadian Rockies...Scanned negative 
сб 17 мар 2007 00:13
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Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #1 сб 17 мар 2007 00:55

Another beautiful landscape. Best regards.

silvia marmori silvia marmori #2 сб 17 мар 2007 01:17

those clouds look really impressive.. but pity they hide it..
no merciful wind came to move them...
but the view is anyway great

ric alexander ric alexander #3 сб 17 мар 2007 01:30

another appealing shot Jim, just for the record, how many shots did you fire off on this trip

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #4 сб 17 мар 2007 02:28

My friend, your landscapes are too beautiful!!! Congrats!!

ricardo frantz ricardo frantz #5 сб 17 мар 2007 02:29

wooow..... what a sight! wonderful!

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #6 сб 17 мар 2007 12:15

beautiful landscape

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #7 сб 17 мар 2007 20:18

excellent as all...

Дмитрий Шкирёв Дмитрий Шкирёв #8 сб 17 мар 2007 21:22

Вeautiful !!!

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #9 сб 17 мар 2007 21:35

Well taken lord Jim. But I have always found that if you want to see the top. GO THERE.

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #11 пн 19 мар 2007 16:53

So true Barry. That mountain would take some MAJOR climbing though. More than that is in my skill level!!

Игорь Папеев Игорь Папеев #10 вс 18 мар 2007 16:37

Excellent shot! Fantastic sky!
Warmest regards!

Kate Kate #12 вт 20 мар 2007 19:57

Wonderful view and sky!