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Фото "Searching for a wind"

фото "Searching for a wind" метки: фотомонтаж, пейзаж, вода
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Searching for a wind
The see was like mirror - calm and shining back. I was curious as a man tried to catch something at least similar to the wind. 
чт 20 июн 2002 03:22
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 чт 20 июн 2002 03:26

The surface is and great beautiful. I see something very small that gives to it the flame of the beauty. Good photograph. Congratulations, Oskars Ozols

Сергей Шмульян Сергей Шмульян #2 чт 20 июн 2002 10:41

Dl`a podobnoi foto slishkom mnogo neba i zavalen gorizont,tyt ne prin`ato kritikovat`,no na oshibkah ychat`sa,a rizhane men`a ne mogyt ostavit` ravnodyshnim улыбаюсь )

Oldman Hank Oldman Hank #3 чт 20 июн 2002 11:37

May I dare a few comments.
1) Size. Not everyone on this sight has 19` monitor. Although it is recommended to size pictures 800 pix longest side, I`d say 600-650 pix should be the optimal size. Otherwise some people won`t see the whole picture and thus receive the full impression.

2) Horison. Landscape photography requires as a MUST that horizon is:
firstly - even (especially on seascape photos);
secondly - not in the middle of the image. The optimal ratio between scy and land/sea/mountains/forest/whatsoever is 2:1 or 1:2.

3) Composition. Classical composition rules require that the main object of the image (in this case - the sail) should not be in the middle of the picture. Optimal positioning is in the point that is the cross of vertical and horizontal lines splitting the picture at the ratio 3:5 (or 5:3).

4) Technics. In water photography (especially in the day time) you always have to manage one problem - reflection of the light from the water. Actually it is a general problem when making pictures of any polished reflecting surface (glass, metall, water, etc.) The solution is quite simple - use polarization filter (PL filter). It doesn`t change the colour or amount of light the film receives, but surpresses only reflected light. So I recommend you buy one (ore one for each of your lences).

Take care, Oscars. And go on shooting nice pictures.

Alex Amelin Alex Amelin #4 чт 20 июн 2002 21:18

Excellent ! I congratulate!

DLed DLed #5 пт 21 июн 2002 02:55


Temabina Temabina #6 пт 21 июн 2002 22:30

Suminaats:) prieks redzeet vien` latvieti. Shitais ir baisi smuks. parasti visus latvju interneta bildeetaajus sastopu fotoklubs.lv, bet tu tur nav redzeets. paarsteigums:))! Paldies par reiteejumiem un komentiem. prieciigus alus sveetkus - Jaanus.!!!

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #7 пт 28 июн 2002 19:12

This is artwork.....
Very well done....
I love the feeling of the sea...being so big that it never ends...
And the little human trying to get wind in his windsurfing-sail.....

Vladimir Revic Vladimir Revic #8 пт 28 июн 2002 21:50

Если завал здесь специально, то мне нравится. Ощущение качания на море вокруг маленького центра (парус) Классно

Роман Бородин Роман Бородин #10 пн 31 янв 2005 14:59

:))))) Path+0,5...