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Фото "Homeless"

фото "Homeless" метки: портрет, путешествия, Европа, мужчина
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пт 28 июн 2002 15:57
постоянная ссылка:
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 пт 28 июн 2002 16:00

Great snapshot, dear Captain. The photograph is nice. Well done and very pretty. Congratulations, Captain Cook.

Alex Kirkovsky Alex Kirkovsky #2 пт 28 июн 2002 16:21

Homeliness of homeless life...
Well done, Captain!

Oskars Ozols Oskars Ozols #4 пт 28 июн 2002 22:10

Beautiful picture!
Two loyal friends and their living...

My congratulations Captain Cook!

Arie Rotshtein Arie Rotshtein #5 пт 28 июн 2002 22:40

Taking a shot of homeless people it`s one of my favorite subjects
in my collection.....

Nice work.....

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #6 сб 29 июн 2002 07:36

Fantastic! What I like about this are the people surrounding the sleeping man. Their relaxed body language makes them seem to be so familiar or impervious to this type of scene that the homeless person becomes less human...not even an object of their curiousity or compassion.
But the dog sleeping under the bench...he/she gives this unknown person another dimension other than being homeless. One, that despite his unfortunate circumstances, is still capable of caring...perhaps quite a bit more than the other people in this shot.

Captain Cook Captain Cook #7 сб 29 июн 2002 11:03

Many many thanx to all of you for your comments!

Владимир Буряков Владимир Буряков #8 пн 1 июл 2002 18:54

They have not so a lot of pleasure...