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Фото "just droppin by"

фото "just droppin by" метки: репортаж, природа, дикие животные
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just droppin by
at first this seal wasn`t doing much, everyone thought it was sick and going to die :( it had a pretty deep wound above it`s flipper (?) from where it had been attacked by something, probly a shark. We could get real close to it, it was pretty tame, but not that tame ;) the wildlife dude came and said it was just resting freom being battered by the seas, (we had 3 meter swells at the time) so it was too buggered to get back out, so he was having a lazy time, he`s ok just tired 
сб 6 июл 2002 15:06
пленочная камера Pentax MZ-50
объектив Sigma 70-300
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Надежда Квитка Надежда Квитка #1 сб 6 июл 2002 15:18

It is tired...
It was tortured..
I liked this work..

Grois Grois #2 сб 6 июл 2002 20:55


Alex Amelin Alex Amelin #3 вс 7 июл 2002 06:43

It is excellent !