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Фото "In the Park, waiting the Sun."

фото "In the Park, waiting the Sun." метки: пейзаж, весна
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In the Park, waiting the Sun.
Only a photo. 
ср 10 июл 2002 13:11
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Alex Kirkovsky Alex Kirkovsky #1 ср 10 июл 2002 13:19

Very good!

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #2 ср 10 июл 2002 14:06

A good expression in the face of the Man. I like the shot. My congratualtions again, RATER.

Кусака Кусака #3 ср 10 июл 2002 16:06

Очень интересная и смешная фотография... Чувствуется настроение..)))

Very interesting and funny photo... The mood Is felt..)))

Mario Ferreira Mario Ferreira #4 ср 10 июл 2002 16:21

very good

Luis Fernandes Luis Fernandes #5 ср 10 июл 2002 22:57

Excellent moment.

Vanda Vanda #7 вс 28 июл 2002 05:41

You are so right...nothing is excellent..this is not a pure black and white...this a weak gray scale.
The acction is weak and the the frame is a atempted to photograpy...shadow frame. Put more time ti learn how make good photos and less to critics.

Kakha Kakha #8 вт 30 июл 2002 00:33

Actually, seems that sun is already up (maybe midday), or maybe othe source of ligth, but due to this light picture is too contrast for b&w, there are to many overexposured places and the same time absolutelly dark places. And cars on background don`t help the composition. But anyway the subjects are very good and impressive.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #9 вт 30 июл 2002 04:30

It`s not beautiful. The photo is all in the gray tonality. C-41 process (color)?

Сергей Бурак Сергей Бурак #10 пн 5 авг 2002 01:04

Interesting work! The head of the man on a dark tree and glass of the machine is very successfully located.