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Фото "At the end of the hike"

фото "At the end of the hike" метки: пейзаж, вода, горы
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At the end of the hike
место съемки:
Sorry for the delay in posting the final stop of the hike as I've been out with a sick child(better now). You can't quite get a feel for the size of this area from the picture, but this was taken with a 20mm lens on an F5. The final part of this hike(about a 1/4 mile) during this particular summer was through a snow field on a slope to get to this point. In fact, they just had opened this part of the trail. The picture I will show from the notch, you will be amazed at how different this area looks in a warmer summer. Grinnell glacier is receding and believe it or not, and you will see in the notch picture, that there is a nice blue lake in front of the waterfall. In fact, I am standing at the edge of the lake! This year, it was an icy snow covered lake. I should also add that this picture was taken in the first part of August(which is in the middle of summer for the northern hemisphere)...Scanned negative. 
пт 29 июн 2007 19:01
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Алексей Патлах Алексей Патлах #1 пт 29 июн 2007 19:29

Красота суровой природы!

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #2 пт 29 июн 2007 23:05

Super shot Jim ! Hope your little one recovers fully улыбаюсь I made it back for a little while longer and got new gear ! Havn't been able to do much catch up looking at photos just yet because new ones but I'm getting there подмигиваю

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #3 сб 30 июн 2007 00:07

Glad your back Billy. I've missed your comments and photos.

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #4 сб 30 июн 2007 03:53

Very well taken Lord Jim.

Сергей Зоммер Сергей Зоммер #5 сб 30 июн 2007 09:07

Хороший снимок.

Воробьев Владимир Воробьев Владимир #6 сб 30 июн 2007 14:30


Paulo Figueiredo Paulo Figueiredo #7 вс 1 июл 2007 11:51

Excellent image. Regards

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #8 сб 7 июл 2007 02:41

Beautiful composition and contrast of colors!! Well done, dear friend!