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Фото "nem sempre alinhados"

фото "nem sempre alinhados" метки: архитектура, макро и крупный план, пейзаж,
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Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #1 чт 11 июл 2002 03:37

excellent, Nuno!!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #2 чт 11 июл 2002 10:41

Beautiful perspective!
Congrats, Nuno!

Alex Kirkovsky Alex Kirkovsky #3 чт 11 июл 2002 11:23

Nice perspective...
Beautiful composition, Nuno!

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #4 пт 12 июл 2002 13:32

Lovely depth....
What a lovely place at the ocean....

Mario Sousa Mario Sousa #5 ср 17 июл 2002 23:24

very nice

Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #6 чт 18 июл 2002 00:55

candles in the wind?

Antonio Paulo Antonio Paulo #7 пт 9 авг 2002 00:18

To me this nothing but a wasted frame. What`s the catch?
Where is the point of interest? If with a Coolpix 5000 that`s what you can do why didn`t you buy just the low end model?

I`m fed up of guys like you that arrive here, have nothing to teach, no decent photos, but to criticise are the first. I would like to see you doing great photographies. That way I would admit avery critic from you. As modest as your talent is now you`d better be a little more humble when you give your ratings.

It`s a pitty you didn`t catch the spirit of good living of 99% of the members of this site. You had to join the 1% that only look for damaging other people`s gallery.

And by the way... my photo "Curvilinious" was taken using a reversed lens handheld. If you knew anything about this yechnique you would know there is no exposure control, no autofocus, no nothing... it`s very difficult to achieve a decent result. But since you don`t know what I`m talking about you just made your judgemments based on your weak knowledge and don`t care about techniques or nothing.

Being the most honest with you, you really have a lot to learn in what concerns to Photography but I`m not the one who`s going to teach you.

And just one more thing... da proxima vez que me quiseres ofender tem a decencia de o fazeres em privado, ou tens necessidade de fazer show em publico? So com essa atitude ja deu para ver a diferenca que existe entre nos. Espero que com o teu espirito de camaradagem consigas brilhar neste site... mas por favor vai `a tua ficha de membro e apaga que es portugues porque assim ofendes-nos a todos e ha aqui gente que gosta de fotografia e nao anda aqui a lixar as fotos dos outros.

Сергей Бурак Сергей Бурак #8 пт 9 авг 2002 23:39

Interesting work!

Jacob Lopes Jacob Lopes #9 пт 9 авг 2002 23:58

Another excellent b&w shot!