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Фото "At what price freeedom ?"

фото "At what price freeedom ?" метки: репортаж, макро и крупный план,
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At what price freeedom ?
место съемки:
At what price freedom ? Thomas jefferson said it is , " Eternal Vigalance" . But how much more do we have to pay now. I do think he was unaware , as to how much it was going to cost this nation a couple of hundred years later. We have become the light of nations to many and an uncontroled power hungry nation to others. We have wasted sons on battle fields that were not our to fight . We have overthrown tyrants and dictators . We have fought in two world wars and a number of other conflicts. We have had a civil war where brother killed brother.
Now we have another war at our home front. We bar our doors and windows , put in alarm systems. Some even carry guns to protect what is theirs. We even put up barbed and razor wire to keep others out or to keep ourselves in our own prisons. We build prisons to teach someone just how wrong they were. Then we let them out to to the same damage as before. We are a nation of laws , but only the bad seem to know them and bend and break them . We guard our borders to no avail . So I ask again , " At what price freedom " ?
Enjoy yor freedoms , for tomorrow they could be gone !
чт 12 июл 2007 05:41
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Marjorie Elwood Marjorie Elwood #1 чт 12 июл 2007 05:57

Nice work Barry.

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #2 чт 12 июл 2007 07:40

Pismo. My old stomping ground back about 40 years ago. Thanks for your comment.

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #3 чт 12 июл 2007 07:41

Or should I say Mirabella. LOL !

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #4 чт 12 июл 2007 07:44

Excellent in the composition, details and in the control of the field depth. Very well done, my friend! Warm hug to you!

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #5 чт 12 июл 2007 10:08

excellent composition my friend!

Roberto Palladini Roberto Palladini #6 чт 12 июл 2007 10:15

Excellent image.

Наталья Ревкина Наталья Ревкина #7 чт 12 июл 2007 11:31

Very beautiful composition! Very nice work! My congratulations!

Magdalena Magdalena "Yenotek" Kiedrowska #8 чт 12 июл 2007 14:25

With descripton -> great.

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #9 чт 12 июл 2007 15:06

good title, nice presentation; regards

Chet King Chet King #10 чт 12 июл 2007 22:27

Good photo illustration.

Robert H Robert H #11 пт 13 июл 2007 00:23

very nice image, good light control and DOF. And a good title and thought provoking words.

cliff rosbotham cliff rosbotham #13 пт 13 июл 2007 12:28

poignant reminder all is not at ease in the world, image says a thousand words, excellent

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #14 пт 13 июл 2007 23:06

Perfectly! I love a rust!:)

Валентин Бондаренко Валентин Бондаренко #15 сб 14 июл 2007 13:56

excellent composition my friend!

Дмитрий Шкирёв Дмитрий Шкирёв #16 пн 16 июл 2007 00:25

Fine words my friend !!!!! Very beautiful composition!!!