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Фото "Vineyards"

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For the one who was interested:
these are the vineyards that produce the famous Barolo, the wine's king... and the king's wine.
We are in the italian region "Piemonte" and the country he has called "Langhe", near Alba.
чт 19 июл 2007 23:56
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Alvaro Poggiani Alvaro Poggiani #2 пт 20 июл 2007 00:45

I know very well Genova (and his inhabitants) I live to 30km, and I believe that has made you a joke if they have you "trimmed" of the Chianti White...
the Chianti can be red only.
This wine produces him in another region, Tuscany (Central Italy) and the hills next to Florence.
The Barolo produces him more to north (northerly west for the precision) on the hills to south in Turin.
The neighbor turns I will publish a photo of Genoa devoting his to you.
Ciao Vladimir ;
you are careful to the Genoese, they tangle подмигиваю

Ion Popa Ion Popa #4 пт 20 июл 2007 07:21

Super shot!!!!!

Лариса Леонова Лариса Леонова #5 пт 20 июл 2007 09:59


Ольга Малеева Ольга Малеева #6 пт 20 июл 2007 14:17

very interesting!

Jose CalvinHo Jose CalvinHo #7 пт 20 июл 2007 20:47

The lines, the tones, the composition...excellent!

Alain Debord Alain Debord #8 сб 21 июл 2007 01:31

amazing view point

Dorota K. Dorota K. #9 сб 21 июл 2007 01:37

Amazing landscape, unusual point of view !
/there is an italian restaurant where I live called Piemonte, have to check if they serve Barolo there ) /

Alvaro Poggiani Alvaro Poggiani #10 сб 21 июл 2007 02:08

Ciao Dorota, thanks for your visit.
I concern to the Barolo I would think really of him, it's a classical.
Make me know...

Константин Гуща Константин Гуща #11 пн 23 июл 2007 08:23

Alvaro, when I looked at the picture for the first time, I thought it was a piece of clothes. But it turned to be a vineyard! Bravo, very unusual outcome.

Alvaro Poggiani Alvaro Poggiani #12 пн 23 июл 2007 15:24

Thanks Konstantin for your visit and for your pleasant words. To try to isolate and "to interpret" the reality without twisting nothing is what I like to do; you thinks that "before shooting" I have believed to see a closing "zip".
ciao e grazie

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #13 вт 24 июл 2007 07:32

Fantastic view, dear friend!!!!
Perfect capture... Wonderful!!!!!

Chet King Chet King #14 ср 25 июл 2007 10:15

Your work deserves more recognition than others.

Елена Пухова Елена Пухова #15 пт 27 июл 2007 11:56

Even hard to imagine that the vineyards.

Diana Viu Diana Viu #16 вс 29 июл 2007 22:50

again, fantastic POV. And you were... in a plaine???

Alvaro Poggiani Alvaro Poggiani #17 пн 30 июл 2007 00:12

Grazie Diana for yours appreciated comments, no, this has not been shooting from the airplane, the other (Summer) instead yes.
I sometimes fly with a small airplane (Piper) and I shoot photos.