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Фото "Worthington glacier"

фото "Worthington glacier" метки: пейзаж, горы, лето
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Worthington glacier
место съемки:
A little north of Valdez Alaska is a glacier by the name of Worthington glacier. Not sure the dimensions of the glacier but it is quite large. This photo leads into the next photos which will show photos from the hike to the side of the glacier. It is a short hike (3 miles roundtrip) and uphill(although not horribly uphill) One can somewhat make out the trail on the left side of this photo along the ridgeline. I must admit, I didn't particularly enjoy this small hike as the trail was no more than a couple of feet wide with steep drop offs on both sides. The scenery was beautiful, but unfortunately your concentration had to be all on the trail as it was just too dangerous to look at the scenery as you walked. I've been on other trails where there were drop offs on one side and there was always a cable installed to help. Not here, and with the drop offs on both sides it made me a little nervous. (Although not as bad as the lighting storm in Telluride). Still, a spectacular glacier. 
вт 23 окт 2007 00:43
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Геннадий Юршевич Геннадий Юршевич #1 вт 23 окт 2007 00:57

Wonderful landscape

Иван Березицкий Иван Березицкий #2 вт 23 окт 2007 02:24

отлично, я возьму в избранные!

ricardo frantz ricardo frantz #3 вт 23 окт 2007 03:16

wow..... gorgeous landscape!

Елена Строилова Елена Строилова #4 вт 23 окт 2007 03:37

Your mountain landscapes, Jim, have impressed me greatly. The most part of my life was spent in the Chue Valley, surrounded with high snow-capped mountains of Tien Shan. Now I live on the plain.. But "my heart's in the highlands..."! улыбаюсь

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #5 вт 23 окт 2007 05:22

Thanks Elena. I love the mountains and have been fortunate to see great ranges in this country from the Rockies, the Sierra's, the Cascades(just a small portion), the Northern Rockies, the Canadian Rockies, and some of the mountain ranges of Alaska. All are so different in colors and magnitude, as well as shape. I'm fortunate in that I live about a couple of hours from the North Georgia mountains in the US. Still can't compare to what I've seen in the western US. I'll have to look up the Chue Valley as it sounds beautiful.

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #6 вт 23 окт 2007 05:27

Spectacular view Jim ! I would be totally out of luck on that trail. Vertigo city !!

Алексей Патлах Алексей Патлах #7 вт 23 окт 2007 05:56

Красивый вид...

Андрей Зилов Андрей Зилов #8 вт 23 окт 2007 10:41

It's a work noticeably outstanding from common series of mountain shots!

Yuriy MS Yuriy MS #9 вт 23 окт 2007 10:56

Very beautiful mountain landscape ! Excellent work, Jim !

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #10 вт 23 окт 2007 11:20

thw wonderful mountain view, overwhelming!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #11 вт 23 окт 2007 11:26

Thanks for the notes!
I would like to live near this fantastic landscape!
Well captured and presented!


Воробьев Владимир Воробьев Владимир #12 вт 23 окт 2007 12:02

Приятный рельеф

Владимир Минаков Владимир Минаков #13 вт 23 окт 2007 14:34

Отличный снимок. Ледник во всей красе.

Игорь Папеев Игорь Папеев #14 вт 23 окт 2007 15:58

Excellent mountain landscape!

Sabirjan Kurmayev Sabirjan Kurmayev #15 вт 23 окт 2007 16:07

wish i were there