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Фото "Final Salute"

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Final Salute
ср 7 ноя 2007 04:39
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Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #1 ср 7 ноя 2007 08:49

Very unusual and coincidental this photo posted today..... My grandmother died just a few hours ago unexpectedly.

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #2 ср 7 ноя 2007 08:53

Well I hit the wrong mark should be +excellent and I really shouldn't be here anyway just looking at photos to try and deal with loss..... I think it deleted my previous comment that went with mark too. I said in it that it's unusual and coincidental that this photo posted today. My grandmother died just a few hours ago unexpectedly....

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #5 чт 8 ноя 2007 03:51

My sincere condolences for your loss, Billy. It is very sad, but it is part of the life, we have to learn to work with this. My prayers for your grandmother rest in peace.

Remi Aerts Remi Aerts #3 ср 7 ноя 2007 09:49

my sincere participation Bill

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #4 чт 8 ноя 2007 02:58

Thank you Remi. I really appreciate your taking the time to offer your comment. She was a big part of family and was lost totally unexpected during a routine procedure for her heart (stints to relieve blockage). Again thank you very much for condolences.

Екатерина Лобанова Екатерина Лобанова #6 сб 10 ноя 2007 02:31

As a representative of the entire Russian flora and fauna offer you my condolences. How would seem someone else's tragedy is not, and among people there must be mutual understanding through shared experience ...

win.ka win.ka #7 сб 10 ноя 2007 23:49

very good composition, even if a sad scene!

winfried подмигиваю