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Фото "very quiet place"

фото "very quiet place" метки: пейзаж, путешествия, зима
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very quiet place к
место съемки:
The air museum counts 140 valid historical bldg. The smaller constructions such as bakovens or rennen for bird are not counted in here. Although the oldest bldg. of 1507 dates, the collectie exists mainly from construction work of the late 17th to end 19th century. The emphasis lies in particular on agriculture courts and - scour. Moreover also daily important bldg. for the dorpsleven (blacksmith, school, church, inn and hand worker bldg.) have been incorporated in the collectie.

During the early advancement of the air museum (1953 - 1958) it was aimed gezocht to bldg. of historically bouwtechnische value or bldg. with typical style characteristics for a specific region. The most of bldg. found oneself then already in a far-reaching state of decline. With a view to later reconstructie, these expire bldg. were demolished. This moves a time-consuming process was where one numbered each object, subscribed in an inventory and construction plan to build vervolgens nauwgezet. One restored all bldg. to in their most original core.

Already the bldg. come from several regions in Flanders, in the air museum they have been brought together as representative rural cores. Flemish villages did not change fundamental between the late middle ages and the first world war. The air museum brings a well-considered picture of the dorpsleven during the new time and the vroegmoderne time. By the modified heritage legislation in Belgium and Flanders bldg. of historical value can be conserved only still in situ. Bldg. from their original context obtain and build elsewhere, are possible no longer. This means that the gebouwencollectie of the air museum of Bokrijk no longer grow. 
чт 17 янв 2008 00:28
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System System #1 ср 16 янв 2008 20:23

the photo has been reuploaded
фотография была заменена

Uwe Hennig Uwe Hennig #2 чт 17 янв 2008 01:09

one of the best work, i like it

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #3 чт 17 янв 2008 02:07

Nice composition.

Manuel Domingues Manuel Domingues #4 чт 17 янв 2008 02:27

Wonderful atmosphere! Great work!

Виктория Виктория #5 чт 17 янв 2008 02:34

Great capture and soft colors!!!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #6 чт 17 янв 2008 03:24

So lovely!!!!
Thanks for the notes, my friend!

Марина Бычкова Марина Бычкова #7 чт 17 янв 2008 03:37

Чудесно зимой мельницы смотрятся на Ваших фото! И цвет неба такой хороший

Serj Kirillov Serj Kirillov #8 чт 17 янв 2008 08:30

уже знакомая мельница

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #9 чт 17 янв 2008 13:57

Wonderful winter atmosphere, so nice with the mill in the background!

Sabirjan Kurmayev Sabirjan Kurmayev #10 чт 17 янв 2008 16:30

there is a museum like his in Riga, Latvia, see

Татьяна Бодрова Татьяна Бодрова #11 чт 17 янв 2008 22:53

How wonderful it looks! What a beautiful wintry atmosphere here!

Елена Строилова Елена Строилова #12 чт 17 янв 2008 22:56

Wonderful composition and notes!

Артем Абрамян Артем Абрамян #13 пт 18 янв 2008 00:51

Excellent work. Very good composition!

Irina Salamatova Irina Salamatova #14 пт 18 янв 2008 01:11

Красивая работа

Виктор Б. Виктор Б. #15 пт 18 янв 2008 12:39

Ну, надо же! И там зима ))
А у нас...