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Фото "Be quiet, police is coming!"

фото "Be quiet, police is coming!" метки: юмор, путешествия, Африка
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Be quiet, police is coming! к
место съемки:
I might swear those sphinx were moving around very freely..
but after one of them alerted about that policeman, they became like stone!..
Maybe i was dreaming? Maybe!... after all, Egypt is a land to dream awake! 
вт 27 май 2008 00:05
цифровая фотокамера Nikon D40X
объектив Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200 mm ED
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комментарии (15 из 66)
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Владимир Кисенков Владимир Кисенков #1 вт 27 май 2008 00:30

Excellent work!

Светлана М. Светлана М. #2 вт 27 май 2008 00:33

Funny moment captured!

Костенко Анна Костенко Анна #3 вт 27 май 2008 01:09

Интересный снимок

Svein Rune Berg Svein Rune Berg #4 вт 27 май 2008 01:13

Nice story around a well done picture.

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #5 вт 27 май 2008 02:44

What a Fantastic perspective,Sil! The police is so...insignificant in front of those impressive statues!
Another WONDERFUL work, My dear Friend!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #6 вт 27 май 2008 09:15

Extremely nice. Quite exquisite, the way the visual lines
surround and enhance my eyes.

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #7 вт 27 май 2008 09:40

nice and funny moment captured, light effects so great!

Александр Ворошилов Александр Ворошилов #8 вт 27 май 2008 10:26

It's funny! I like the way you've found humour in the composition!

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #9 вт 27 май 2008 12:02

nice words; short and amusing; very good one; good day

Detlev Reimann Detlev Reimann #10 вт 27 май 2008 13:01

:-) be quiet for ever
funny moment

Михаил I Тимофеев Михаил I Тимофеев #11 вт 27 май 2008 14:02

Nice moment!

Лариса Леонова Лариса Леонова #12 вт 27 май 2008 17:37

well captured and i like the name of the picture! I am standing still!

PeSOKOT PeSOKOT #13 вт 27 май 2008 19:51

Something wrong I think... don't understand.... Composition?..

Robert H Robert H #14 вт 27 май 2008 22:31

wonderfully done Sil - what an amazing setting you portray as these sphinx all settle into their places when the policeman approaches only to rise and frolic again as soon as he's out of sight. смеюсь

Наташа В. Наташа В. #15 вт 27 май 2008 22:44

It's like an inspecting of a parade улыбаюсь