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Фото "Acer Palmatum"

фото "Acer Palmatum" метки: природа, макро и крупный план, цветы
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Acer Palmatum
место съемки:
Since more than 16 years, I have some Bonsais, this is one of my Mapple, he is 17 years old, and in Autumn he gives beautiful colors.

Bonsais are a passion.

пн 13 окт 2008 05:20
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Герхард Нейфельд Герхард Нейфельд #1 пн 13 окт 2008 07:20

Good work.

Teemu Puolitaival Teemu Puolitaival #2 пн 13 окт 2008 09:20

Great work, well done!

Chet King Chet King #3 пн 13 окт 2008 10:59

Beautiful Autumn work.

Владислав Сорокин aka Синоптик Владислав Сорокин aka Синоптик #4 пн 13 окт 2008 11:25

IMHO it would be better to shift the leafs to the right a little, or cut a santimeter of space on the right.

Robert-Alexandre Gravet Robert-Alexandre Gravet #8 пн 13 окт 2008 15:36

Hello Vladislav,

Thank you very much for your nice and true comment, I understand what you mean, but I think that if I cut on the right : there will be less space , I try to place the 2 leafs on the same diagonal, I prefer tp leave it so.

Thank's again .


Just also as information this leaf is 4 or 5 cm large.

Владислав Сорокин aka Синоптик Владислав Сорокин aka Синоптик #9 пн 13 окт 2008 16:49

Actually that was a humble idea how to improve this nice shot. Probably you're right, no change is needed here.

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #5 пн 13 окт 2008 12:07

wonderful composition, light and color so great!

Андрей А Андрей А #7 пн 13 окт 2008 14:29

Very nice shot, Robert.

Татьяна Савватеева Татьяна Савватеева #10 пн 13 окт 2008 19:11

Exellent, very beautiful and elegant work! And I like so much just with that free space to the right. Maybe it's just that thing makes the composition so elegant.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #11 вт 14 окт 2008 04:41

Wonderful work... Great!!!!!

Светлана М. Светлана М. #12 вт 10 мар 2009 22:50

So beautiful!