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Фото "Waves"

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пт 15 ноя 2002 19:01
сканер Minolta
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Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #1 пт 15 ноя 2002 19:24

Excellent Composition...very good ligthing!
Abraco Victor!

Rui Monteiro Santos Rui Monteiro Santos #2 пт 15 ноя 2002 19:51

Very good effects ...
Congratulations ..

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #3 пт 15 ноя 2002 22:27

Shapes, colours and brighting excellent. The framing is perfect. Excellent photograph. My congratulations, Victor Camara

Claudia Fernandes Claudia Fernandes #4 сб 16 ноя 2002 00:24


Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #5 сб 16 ноя 2002 02:11

Excellent composition, beautiful!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #6 сб 16 ноя 2002 05:59

Wonderful composition!
Great lighting!
Congrats, Victor!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #7 сб 16 ноя 2002 07:40

The clouds in the sky look like a heavenly balcony of spectators.
Silver and blues of the water is enchanting and the person in the foreground gives this such a nice perspective in contrast to the person surfing.
Magnificent work in all ways! WOW!!! !!!

Mavis Mavis #8 сб 16 ноя 2002 08:57

Perfect Paradise Victor. Such a beautiful composition. Those surfers must be having a wonderful time ! I can almost hear those waves crashing on the shore. The sparkling highlights are lovely and the silhouetted surfer is in just the right position . I could look at it all day .

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #9 сб 16 ноя 2002 14:45

Very good effects ...

Vitor Nunes Vitor Nunes #11 пн 18 ноя 2002 18:22

Good work my friend.

Vitor Azinheira Vitor Azinheira #12 сб 30 ноя 2002 02:11

Very nice.