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Фото "October Strawberries"

фото "October Strawberries" метки: макро и крупный план, природа, цветы
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October Strawberries
These Strawberries were still growing inOctober . I grew them from seed brought back from Switzerland in July 2001 
вс 24 ноя 2002 16:30
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 вс 24 ноя 2002 16:34

So tender! Your composition is even nice. Very interesting and excellent photograph. My congratulations, my dear Mavis

fotosliders fotosliders #2 вс 24 ноя 2002 16:49

Вот если бы оно росло...

Mavis Mavis #5 вс 24 ноя 2002 18:19

Dear Photoslider could you ask some one to translate as I cannot read Russian . Thank you for your comment whatever it was

Gregory S. Linschitz Gregory S. Linschitz #4 вс 24 ноя 2002 18:04

Very goog picture....
Professional technics, ecellent shadows....
Strawberries week before winter is very nice idea....
Thank you.....

Дмитрий T Дмитрий T #6 вс 24 ноя 2002 18:59

Very good work!

Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #7 вс 24 ноя 2002 20:08

Perfect composition and excell. colors!
Congrt. Mavis

Mavis Mavis #8 вс 24 ноя 2002 20:50

Thank you Jose. They are now a sweet dream till next year .

Виктория Виктория #9 вс 24 ноя 2002 21:12

Perfect! улыбаюсь )
Sweeety and tasty улыбаюсь ))
Great shot, Mavis! улыбаюсь

Dan Swanzen Dan Swanzen #10 вс 24 ноя 2002 23:40

Great details and nice composition!!!

Борисыч Борисыч #11 пн 25 ноя 2002 01:07

Nice and tasty shot!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #12 пн 25 ноя 2002 03:19

What a scrumptious shot! Incredible details and the graceful composition is wonderful. улыбаюсь

mihmih mihmih #13 пн 25 ноя 2002 03:52


Mavis Mavis #14 пн 25 ноя 2002 09:16

Thank you Mihmih for your kind comments to my work . This is goodbye . I am moving to another site . I have found Marita on it .

Mavis Mavis #15 пн 25 ноя 2002 09:20

This is my final image . Goodbye every one you have been great and I value all your comments ( except Fotoslider). I shall miss you . Your images and comments I am sure have helped my photography a great deal . I have found where all my friends have gone . Do feel free to email me . Love and best Wishes for Christmas Mavis

Maria Oliveira Maria Oliveira #16 пн 25 ноя 2002 12:15

Excellent composition and very beautiful, too, Mavis.