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Фото "***"

фото "***" метки: путешествия, Северная Америка
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System System #1 чт 13 авг 2009 03:21

the photo has been reuploaded
фотография была заменена

Stefan Andronache Stefan Andronache #2 чт 13 авг 2009 08:33

Tres interessant. J'aime.

Отто Фудин Отто Фудин #4 чт 13 авг 2009 17:22

Чудо....в перьях.

julien leveau julien leveau #5 сб 15 авг 2009 07:28

i agree улыбаюсь indians of mexico aren't easy to take in foto when you don't know them personaly... You can imagine they don't live in the towns. This woman was in the street, representing her population, in a manifestation for her people. Her expresion is a reflect of this act, witch look like an obligation for reprensenting themself front of the modern world, that we can let them a land to be and to breath. You'll understand that this act is like an humiliation, and be shure that if i had the possiblity to take a picture of this woman in her environement, her expresion should effectively be diferent, but i'll probably have dificulty to find the same miracle in the plumes подмигиваю
Ps; there is many way to see a picture and to understand it !!!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #6 вт 18 авг 2009 06:44

Excellent composition with beautiful details and colors!