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Фото "Horse in a Field"

фото "Horse in a Field" метки: природа, домашние животные
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Horse in a Field
пн 9 дек 2002 03:22
объектив Leica
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Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #1 пн 9 дек 2002 05:53

I hate to say this...but the framing, almost an industrial type of framing, does not fit the lovely mood. улыбаюсь
I really like the rollling hills of green grass and the grey sky balanced so nicely by the color of the horse...but oh gee...the horse seems to have to many green tones (mane, tail...body). Maybe over-saturated? Maybe my monitor?
I hope you don`t mind my honesty. улыбаюсь Composition and mood is wonderful. улыбаюсь

Graham Graham #2 пн 9 дек 2002 07:28

Thank you for your input. I wasn`t sure if my new frame would work well with this picture. I`m going to consider replacing it w/ some differences.

Thank you.

MihF MihF #3 пн 9 дек 2002 12:45

unlike Sandra, I find it very interesting and well done.

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #4 пн 9 дек 2002 14:18

I think that wihtout Frame it wuold be still better.This is an excellent photograph. My congratulations, Graham