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Фото "Green Lacewing Portrait"

фото "Green Lacewing Portrait" метки: природа, макро и крупный план, насекомое
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Green Lacewing Portrait
It is about 1.5 cm long. 
вс 15 дек 2002 06:44
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Don Jette Don Jette #1 вс 15 дек 2002 07:35

Beautifully done macro work

Борис Каторгин Борис Каторгин #2 вс 15 дек 2002 08:42

Fine makro. Сongratulates!

Александр Ворошилов Александр Ворошилов #3 вс 15 дек 2002 09:52

Отличное макро! И цвет, и композиция, и модель!

Maria Oliveira Maria Oliveira #4 вс 15 дек 2002 17:24

Great Macro. Fascinating nature`s life.

Андрей Щербаков Андрей Щербаков #5 пн 16 дек 2002 13:04

Excellent photograph! I like this insect -- it`s beautiful.

I lile details of this photo and DOF.


Андрей Диамент Андрей Диамент #6 пт 20 дек 2002 18:06

GREAT!!!!! Are you professional in this genre?

Mark Plonsky Mark Plonsky #11 вс 29 дек 2002 08:46

#6 Андрей Диамент wrote:

> GREAT!!!!! Are you professional in this genre?

While I have sold a few images, my day job is a professor of experimental psychology. Thus, I am not a professional, just an amateur who has worked hard at it and has studied the images (and the critiques they receive) on forums like this very carefully. I say that I am an amateur because I have only been taking pictures for 2 years and was weaned on my canon g1 prosumer digital (which I recently upgraded to a G3). Thanx for your kind words

Андрей Диамент Андрей Диамент #13 пн 30 дек 2002 12:48

Then I congratulate you with you great techique!

Николай Обухов Николай Обухов #7 пт 20 дек 2002 22:53

Wow... Incredible quality, outstanding, magnificent etc.!

Mario Saquel Mario Saquel #8 вс 22 дек 2002 02:35

Nothing to say. Just perfect. Congratulations.

Lucaz - Luis Costa Lucaz - Luis Costa #9 вс 22 дек 2002 15:35

Very nice work, regards.

Сергей Бурак Сергей Бурак #10 сб 28 дек 2002 00:07

Fine macro!

Don Jette Don Jette #12 пн 30 дек 2002 04:47

great macro

Dan Swanzen Dan Swanzen #14 пн 8 сен 2003 21:24

Excellent photograph!

Валерий Винокуров Валерий Винокуров #15 чт 20 май 2004 11:38

Great Macro!