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Фото "The Eye of Horus"

фото "The Eye of Horus" метки: жанр,
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The Eye of Horus
ср 18 дек 2002 23:09
цифровая фотокамера Nikon D100
объектив Sigma 70-300
сканер HP
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комментарии (15 из 19)
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Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #2 чт 19 дек 2002 01:11

Very nice detail beautiful composition Jose.

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #3 чт 19 дек 2002 04:45

The curve of the boat at the top of the frame comes to such an abrupt end in the upper right. Here I honestly think a little more room at the top might be a good idea. That is just my humble opinion.
But...the details are fantastic and your love of boats shines through as always. улыбаюсь

Александр Ворошилов Александр Ворошилов #4 чт 19 дек 2002 09:33

I like the colors and composition!

TZ TZ #5 чт 19 дек 2002 10:40

In my opinion, the framework is too densely located. There is no space from above. But all series leaves sensation of good professionalism. Details are very well handed.

MihF MihF #6 чт 19 дек 2002 20:06

beautiful "face"

Maurilio P. Ultramari Maurilio P. Ultramari #7 чт 19 дек 2002 20:59

Nice composition

Fausto Araujo Fausto Araujo #8 чт 19 дек 2002 21:42

I love to look at your Boat photos, they all are beautiful. This is one of the best. Great colors, strong composition and excellent framing. The diagonal formed by the rope adds a lot. Another excellent boat shot. Feliz Natal e 2003.

Виктория Виктория #9 чт 19 дек 2002 23:16

Excellent colors and good cropping, Jose!!!!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #10 чт 19 дек 2002 23:17

Beautiful composition and colours.

Maria Oliveira Maria Oliveira #11 пт 20 дек 2002 00:05

Good point of view. Good title, too.

Lucaz - Luis Costa Lucaz - Luis Costa #12 пт 20 дек 2002 20:27

Very nice work! Please take a look of my last photo, thks.

Jette Stroem Jette Stroem #13 пт 20 дек 2002 23:30

very good work
Regard Jette

Борисыч Борисыч #14 сб 21 дек 2002 01:43

Very nice shot!

Gregory S. Linschitz Gregory S. Linschitz #15 сб 21 дек 2002 13:43

Great work!!!!

Михаил Филатов Михаил Филатов #16 чт 2 янв 2003 15:29

Beautiful photo! I like it a lot, my congrats!