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Фото "Roses for You"

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Roses for You
I was given help to do these and show me how . This is the end result . 
пт 2 май 2003 02:50
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 пт 2 май 2003 02:55

Wonderful and so kind work! Your Roses are so nice! An excellent photograph. My congratulations, Mavis.

Silvester Silvester #2 пт 2 май 2003 03:00

Wery well done! Beautiful. I just thinking about down-left corner where the flower is breaking the picture edge... IMO it breaks the whole composition a little. Anyway, great shot!

Jayme Ruyvo Jayme Ruyvo #3 пт 2 май 2003 03:02

Nice , nice flower. Congrats and regards

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #4 пт 2 май 2003 04:03

Wonderful work, Mavis!
Very well presented!!!

Edite Fernandes Edite Fernandes #5 пт 2 май 2003 04:29

Lovely work Mavis! I wish I knew how to do this! улыбаюсь
Congrats and best wishes to you.

Mavis Mavis #6 пт 2 май 2003 04:32

Thank you all . Edite I wish I did too . It is very confusing . My son guided me through what I had to do . Unfortunately he didn`t write it down so this old lady promptly forgets the sequence !! I WILL get there eventually улыбаюсь )

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #7 пт 2 май 2003 04:54

What wonderful details and the composition is fantastic. A rainbow of roses! Beautiful, beautiful work! WOW!!!

Виктория Виктория #8 пт 2 май 2003 06:06

Perfect yellow roses, Mavis!!!!

Agris Robs Agris Robs #9 пт 2 май 2003 09:10

Good idea and result.

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #10 пт 2 май 2003 12:04

How lovely!!!!! I take it to myself!

morais de castro morais de castro #11 пт 2 май 2003 14:32

Woderful composition. Superb yellow roses.

Kazak Kazak #12 пт 2 май 2003 14:45

Excellent photo! Very beautifully.

Marianne Archer Marianne Archer #13 пт 2 май 2003 16:33

Wonderful! I love this technique. The roses are so sharp and a beautiful colour. The gradient background sets them off perfectly.

Дмитрий T Дмитрий T #14 пт 2 май 2003 17:43

Wonderful work, Mavis!

Виктор Галактионов Виктор Галактионов #15 пт 2 май 2003 21:30

Select shot!