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Фото "Just a Dandelion"

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Just a Dandelion
I went all the way to Devon England to photograph this Dandelion :)) in the late afternoon at Forde Abbey a beautiful house and gardens to visit !! 
пт 9 май 2003 04:07
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Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #1 пт 9 май 2003 05:00

wow.....perfect !!!!!

Graca Cavadas Graca Cavadas #2 пт 9 май 2003 05:01

Great faming, great details, great contrast with background!
Beautiful flower, lovely color!
Excellent macro!

Congrats Mavis!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #3 пт 9 май 2003 05:11

What a delightful `dandy`! The details are exquisite and the catches of light are almost a neon yellow beckoning all bees. This is one of the best dandelion photos that I have ever seen...so deceptively hard to capture. Did I mention great composition? улыбаюсь )
Congrats, Mavis! WOW!!!

Mavis Mavis #9 пт 9 май 2003 11:14

Thank you Sandra, You have a wonderful way with words . Your comments make me feel real good улыбаюсь )

Zeca Zeca #4 пт 9 май 2003 05:35

Powerful macro...like the sun, Congrats Mavis.

Ruca Ruca #5 пт 9 май 2003 05:53

Like a radiant sun!!!
Wonderful color!
Spectacular macro!

Please take a look in my work!

Agris Robs Agris Robs #8 пт 9 май 2003 09:02

Nice flower.

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #10 пт 9 май 2003 11:25

Perfectly! Excellent quality!

Дмитрий T Дмитрий T #11 пт 9 май 2003 13:48

Beautiful flower, lovely color!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #13 пт 9 май 2003 21:00

Like a Sun Mavis, very beautiful congrats!

Dan Swanzen Dan Swanzen #14 сб 10 май 2003 00:13

Very beautiful work! Regards!

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #15 сб 10 май 2003 02:55

I see the light and the beauty of the Sun! This is, as usual, an excellent photograph. My congratulations, Mavis

mihmih mihmih #16 вс 11 май 2003 05:33


Виктория Виктория #18 вс 11 май 2003 08:49

Great flower and cropping, Mavis!!!!

Marianne Archer Marianne Archer #19 вс 11 май 2003 11:12

This is exceptional work. I love the crop, the light reflecting from the dandelion is superb, the sharpness is spot on....simply the best! X