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Фото "The Griffin..."

фото "The Griffin..." метки: природа,
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The Griffin...
место съемки:
The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle was the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin was also thought of as king of the creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. Adrienne Mayor, a classical folklorist, proposes that the griffin was an ancient misconception derived from the fossilized remains of the Protoceratops found in gold mines in the Altai mountains of Scythia, in present day southeastern Kazakhstan, or in Mongolia. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine. Some have suggested that the word griffin is cognate with Cherub.

вт 17 сен 2013 18:20
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Bernd Ratfisch Bernd Ratfisch #1 вт 17 сен 2013 19:03

A wonderful capture, great expression. Congratulations!

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #2 вт 17 сен 2013 19:28

Thank you very much, Bernd!

Владимир Панасюк Владимир Панасюк #3 вт 17 сен 2013 20:23

The majestic bird... улыбаюсь

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #4 вт 17 сен 2013 20:30

Excellent capture, dear friend!

Александр Ларионов Александр Ларионов #5 вт 17 сен 2013 21:24

Взгляд из угла...
Замечательно, мой друг!

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #6 ср 18 сен 2013 01:42

Thank you very much, my dear Friend!!!!
A big hug from Lisbon

Tigra Tigra #7 ср 18 сен 2013 08:53

Красивый парень! улыбаюсь