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Фото "Kochel See"

фото "Kochel See" метки: пейзаж, природа,
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Kochel See
место съемки:
чт 30 янв 2014 01:42
цифровая фотокамера Nikon D3
объектив Nikon AF-S 24-70mm F2.8
постоянная ссылка:
комментарии (12 из 12)
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Ahmed maher roshdy Ahmed maher roshdy #1 чт 30 янв 2014 02:42

Great scene and light composition ,, well taken

Wahid Nour eldin Wahid Nour eldin #2 чт 30 янв 2014 07:17

Wonderful waterscape composition and neat scenery and reflections, my friend.

Удаленный аккаунт Удаленный аккаунт #3 чт 30 янв 2014 07:51

Что немцу хорошо, то русскому обыденно. улыбаюсь

Моня Гуггенхайм Моня Гуггенхайм #5 чт 30 янв 2014 15:21

Хорошо сказали улыбаюсь

Markus M. Markus M. #6 чт 30 янв 2014 17:34

I tried the translation but I don't get a meaningful translation. Is it possible for you to write it in English please. Thanks Markus

Моня Гуггенхайм Моня Гуггенхайм #9 чт 30 янв 2014 19:45

Sorry Marcus. It is sometimes hard to remember that there are a lot photographers here from outside Russia and russian speaking countries.
Our colleague recalled russian proverb "What is good for russian is deadly for german" The meaning is very simple - people are very different and sometimes love different things (russian and german are here just for word).

My reply was: "Sounds fine"

It is about your landscape. It is routine for many russian regions.

Markus M. Markus M. #10 чт 30 янв 2014 22:03

Thanks Solomon, now I understand your words.

A scene like in the image above with a fisherman hut is a rarely thing by us. Or let me say a view on such a hut is a rarely thing. Our lake-side places are frequently private, this is really stupid and wrong in my opinion.
And all our areas are much more smaller. Compared with your Baikal lake our lakes are only drops of water. But I love my roots. I think this is important, you must learn that you have only one home area in a life and it is worth to take time for it.


Моня Гуггенхайм Моня Гуггенхайм #11 чт 30 янв 2014 22:52

Thank you for you reply Markus. I feel the same. The difference we are talking about now is only local peculiarity. But unfortunately perception of a photo depends on it.

Michela Michela #4 чт 30 янв 2014 09:13

Great composition and view !!! Complimenti! улыбаюсь

Borislav Borislav #7 чт 30 янв 2014 18:48

Nice picture!

Стефан Стефан #8 чт 30 янв 2014 19:11

Beautiful picture!

Bernd Ratfisch Bernd Ratfisch #12 пт 31 янв 2014 19:08

Marvellous landscape, great colours and details. Congratulations!