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Фото "Castle that reigns over the valley"

фото "Castle that reigns over the valley" метки: пейзаж, ретро,
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Castle that reigns over the valley к
место съемки:
Predjama Castle is a Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in south-central Slovenia, in the historical region of Inner Carniola. It is located in the village of Predjama, approximately 11 kilometres from the town of Postojna and 9 kilometres from Postojna Cave. The castle was first mentioned in the year 1274 with the German name Luegg, when the Patriarch of Aquileia built the castle in Gothic style. The castle was built under a natural rocky arch high in the stone wall to make access to it difficult. It was later acquired and expanded by the Luegg noble family, also known as the Knights of Adelsberg (the German name of Postojna). 
вт 28 янв 2014 00:05
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Наталия  Буравова Наталия Буравова #1 вт 28 янв 2014 04:46

Таинственно ....

Serj Kirillov Serj Kirillov #2 вт 28 янв 2014 07:22


Моня Гуггенхайм Моня Гуггенхайм #3 вт 28 янв 2014 09:04

Cool. But too tight framing.

Александр Метлов Александр Метлов #4 вт 28 янв 2014 12:24

Swallow's nest! улыбаюсь

Сергей Литвинов Сергей Литвинов #5 вт 28 янв 2014 12:39

Понравилась работа ...

Ahmed maher roshdy Ahmed maher roshdy #6 вт 28 янв 2014 13:22

Excellent work , well done MECHELA

Владимир Евдокимов Владимир Евдокимов #7 вт 28 янв 2014 13:42

Живописная композиция радует глаз.

Стефан Стефан #8 вт 28 янв 2014 18:28

Понравилась работа ...

Алексей Патлах Алексей Патлах #9 ср 29 янв 2014 22:22

Хорошо показано!

Markus M. Markus M. #10 чт 30 янв 2014 02:53

Wow, what a fantastic architecture. Well captured, great light

Stefan Andronache Stefan Andronache #11 пт 31 янв 2014 15:07

Excellent image.

Bernd Ratfisch Bernd Ratfisch #12 пт 31 янв 2014 17:02

Marvellous view, imposing castle building. Congratulations! Thanks for the good notes!