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Фото "When I`m calling you"

фото "When I`m calling you" метки: макро и крупный план,
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When I`m calling you
I took this bt available light in my Greenhouse this morning . It is called Ipomea or Morning Glory. Hand held 360at F6.3 
вт 23 сен 2003 01:14
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Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #1 вт 23 сен 2003 01:18

How much time I was out of the Site! And now your wonderful flowers! This colors and this light are perfect. An excellent photograph. My congratulations, Mavis

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #2 вт 23 сен 2003 02:55

I never have seen ipomea of that blue!!! улыбаюсь

Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #3 вт 23 сен 2003 04:13

How! Lovely:-))
Congrat. my friend

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #4 вт 23 сен 2003 06:49

this is wonderful....
fantastic macro with perfect details
Congrats Mavis

Fred V. Fred V. #5 вт 23 сен 2003 07:48

very beautiful!

Михаил_М_ Михаил_М_ #6 вт 23 сен 2003 09:21

Good afternoon, Mavis. Remarkable work, excellent macro. For a long time there were no you on a site. Is very glad to see your works again. Mik

Mavis Mavis #9 вт 23 сен 2003 15:15

Dear Mik I get so overwhelmed with work and photos I cannot remember who or where I am at times . Thank you for all your kind and wonderful comments . It is so nice to be missed улыбаюсь ))))

Miguel Teotonio Miguel Teotonio #7 вт 23 сен 2003 11:24

Very good ...

Порошков Виктор Порошков Виктор #8 вт 23 сен 2003 12:25


Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #10 вт 23 сен 2003 18:43

How lovely!!!!!

C. A. C. A. #11 вт 23 сен 2003 19:32

The flowers seem bright beacons of light!
Wonderfully captured, Mavis!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #12 вт 23 сен 2003 21:33

Gorgeous close up, congrats!!

Dan Swanzen Dan Swanzen #13 сб 27 сен 2003 18:10

Great shot!!

Mavis Mavis #15 вс 28 сен 2003 11:16

Thanks again Betty . These are one of my favourite flowers eagerly awaited and soon gone . These two reminded me of ear trumpets !!

Борисыч Борисыч #16 вс 28 сен 2003 15:32

It is absolutely wonderful!