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Фото "April Showers"

фото "April Showers" метки: макро и крупный план, природа, цветы
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April Showers
On Wednesday evening I went to College for a course on Adobi Photo shop . I came home and took 7 flowers from different photos and put them onto a gradient grey filtered background . I was able to move them around and resize and turn them . They are all flowers I photographed last April . Hope you enjoy .:)) 
вс 28 сен 2003 01:30
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Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #1 вс 28 сен 2003 02:04

Beautiful image...lovely flowers and colors!!!
Congrt. Mavis

Graca Cavadas Graca Cavadas #2 вс 28 сен 2003 02:19

Great work Mavis!
Wonderful flowers, beautiful colors, making a beautiful composition!
Congrats Mavis!

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #3 вс 28 сен 2003 02:39

very picturesque image!

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #4 вс 28 сен 2003 03:34

Your work is very interesting and the a result Very Nice Picture. I hope to see more of yours works with Photoshop.
An excellent photograph. My congratulations, Mavis

Jahan Jahan #6 вс 28 сен 2003 08:26

Beautiful arangment and great colors...well taken, Mavis!!!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #7 вс 28 сен 2003 08:35

What beautiful work, Mavis! I would have to go to Adobe kindergarden! улыбаюсь )) Really marvelous! WOW!

Mavis Mavis #8 вс 28 сен 2003 10:19

Thanks for kind words Sandra. I was very nervous in this class of mostly men ,looking on me so amusedly as some daft old Granny . I will show them LOL We had two pictures of a spiral staircase we had to manoever together. THEN we had to cut out a bride and groom from another picture and put them on the staircase and flip them horizontally !!!!! You would be amazed at where my bride ended up hanging off the banisters!! Pity I couldn`t bring my work home to show you !!! So that was my lesson and how I ended up cutting ,moving, turning and pasting flowers улыбаюсь )

Mavis Mavis #9 вс 28 сен 2003 10:21

Thank you Betty your words are much appreciated

chandru shahani chandru shahani #10 вс 28 сен 2003 11:40

Nice soft special effects and very pleasing to the eye. A truly remarkable work.

Fred V. Fred V. #11 вс 28 сен 2003 13:45

very nice work!

Борисыч Борисыч #12 вс 28 сен 2003 15:26

Very nice composition!!!

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #13 вс 28 сен 2003 16:21

What charming!!!!!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #14 вс 28 сен 2003 17:24

Very nice and delicat work Mavis, beautiful image!

Дмитрий T Дмитрий T #15 вс 28 сен 2003 19:08

Beautiful composition and colours.
beautiful shot!

Александр С. Хачунц Александр С. Хачунц #16 вс 28 сен 2003 19:35

Beautiful photo!
Nice color tones!