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Фото "2 blonds 161003"

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2 blonds 161003
txs to B.&C ! studio, ps 
чт 16 окт 2003 16:17
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Joao Brosque Joao Brosque #1 чт 16 окт 2003 16:18

Excelent улыбаюсь

Timo Laaksonen Timo Laaksonen #2 чт 16 окт 2003 19:42

I`we been studying this picture about 20 minutes and at last i`d get what was bothering me about it.
Hands, more natural positions and it would made their touch more intesnsive and warm.

Pretty good shot anyway,



thoenen walo thoenen walo #3 чт 16 окт 2003 22:07

hey Timo,

thx a lot 4 watching this pic so intensivly ! take note: the girls where speaking to each other and had a quiet natural behavior. my assistence whre to say just stop, when I saw a nice situation.

best regards


Сергей Харламов Сергей Харламов #4 пт 17 окт 2003 00:51

Восхищен! It is admired!

Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #5 пт 17 окт 2003 14:26

Very nice work...excellent warm light!!!

Agris Robs Agris Robs #6 пт 17 окт 2003 21:24

Great shot.

Ghita Porumb Ghita Porumb #7 пт 17 окт 2003 22:01

Excelent work. Very good composition and tones. I like it.
Please visit my galery. Thanks and good luck!!!

Angie and steve Angie and steve #8 вс 19 окт 2003 15:01

very good , mabe you can make the skin a little bit softer

Александр С. Хачунц Александр С. Хачунц #10 пт 14 ноя 2003 17:29

Very beautiful shot,as usual.