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Фото "The Big tree"

фото "The Big tree" метки: природа,
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The Big tree
This was about the tree being bigger than the half dome.. Any comments appreciated. 
ср 5 ноя 2003 23:26
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Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #1 ср 5 ноя 2003 23:32

A so strong composition! Great lighting. This is an
excellent photograph. My congratulations,

Александр С. Хачунц Александр С. Хачунц #2 ср 5 ноя 2003 23:39

Great photo!

Наталия Нурланд Наталия Нурланд #3 ср 5 ноя 2003 23:46

great picture!!!

Сергей Харламов Сергей Харламов #4 ср 5 ноя 2003 23:57

Beautifully, very effectively!

C. A. C. A. #5 чт 6 ноя 2003 00:31

Very beautiful capture!!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #6 чт 6 ноя 2003 06:17

What a wonderful perspective...plus a great point of view! Incredible work with fantastic details. Composition, details...contrasts...
Gorgeous work in all ways. I can only imagine your awe when you were shooting this. I`m jealous! улыбаюсь ))
Truthfully, one of the most beautiful and powerful landscapes on the forum. улыбаюсь

karthikeyan samynathan karthikeyan samynathan #8 чт 6 ноя 2003 22:07

Sandra, As always -- it is so kind of you to inspire me with your comments. I appreciate your helps and comments.. Thanks!

Михаил_М_ Михаил_М_ #7 чт 6 ноя 2003 10:32

Very beautifully

Андрей Чепурной Андрей Чепурной #9 чт 6 ноя 2003 23:53

Fantastically beautiful landscape!

strelka strelka #10 пт 7 ноя 2003 00:09

It is good find - with black frame and unusually small/simple sky!

Анна C Анна C #11 сб 8 ноя 2003 18:45

Wonderful composition!Great air perspective. This shot gives the mood of autumn in mountains... Well done! Congrats, my friend!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #12 сб 15 ноя 2003 03:12

Lovely composition, details and colors!
Wonderful work!

Ирина Анурова Ирина Анурова #13 вт 16 дек 2003 17:03

Wonderful view!

matte matte #14 чт 18 дек 2003 10:28

nice composition