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Фото "Wild Flowers Aglow"

фото "Wild Flowers Aglow" метки: разное, природа, цветы
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Wild Flowers Aglow
сб 1 сен 2001 06:29
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Melanie Kipp Melanie Kipp #1 сб 1 сен 2001 07:44

What kind are they Al? They do glow... Nicely abstract.

Greg Summers Greg Summers #2 сб 1 сен 2001 16:28

Excellent composition - lighting is magic

Mary Waters Mary Waters #3 сб 1 сен 2001 18:13

very nice image..love the light emitting from the foreground flower...quite dramatic.. almost surreal..

Cherry Cherry #4 пн 3 сен 2001 10:28

even i`m n`t an expert but i appreciate so ur technique..Bravo

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #5 пт 2 ноя 2001 06:35

this is a neat image, no doubt. Needless to say, I particularly like that bloom on the right that seems to be well...aglow! You said it perfectly улыбаюсь There`re a couple of elements adding to somewhat of a discomfort with the image - the stems that are cut off at the right border (maybe clone them out, since you wouldn`t want to crop and not leave any breathing room for the flowers?) and the placement of those blurry buds smack in the center. Although I don`t do any serious flower macros (I don`t do any serious thing, period! улыбаюсь ), I know how hard it is getting things in focus that are at different distances from the camera - I`m sure professionals struggle with it as well. So, all in all, I think you`ve handled the subject very well and produced a luminous, gentle, and lyrical image...:)

Юрий SH Юрий SH #6 чт 24 янв 2002 19:00

Nice image, Al !

Livio Livio #7 сб 20 апр 2002 05:42

Sublime,just like a poetry.