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Фото "Lines Of Light"

фото "Lines Of Light" метки: пейзаж, закат, облака
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Lines Of Light
вт 4 сен 2001 17:51
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Melanie Kipp Melanie Kipp #1 вт 4 сен 2001 18:08

Hmmm... I like it... lots of drama in that sky, Greg!

Феодосий Задунайский Феодосий Задунайский #2 вт 4 сен 2001 18:32

Fabulous colors, Greg. Dramatic, thrilling image. How good that you can get so much enjoyable from the sky!

Rachel Bellenoit Rachel Bellenoit #3 вт 4 сен 2001 21:08

Sometimes photos have universal vision, other times subjective. This, for me, is a yin/yang photo. The horizon is feminine and the masculine sky, in all it`s strength and glorious color, is bending down towards his lover. As far as the universal vision goes, this is another in a long line of excellent sunsets from Greg Summers.

David Wu David Wu #4 вт 4 сен 2001 22:19

Greg,your photos about sunset /sunrise are always GREAT!

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #6 ср 5 сен 2001 03:39

Continuing your magical marvels, Greg.

Juan Sebastian Sepulveda Juan Sebastian Sepulveda #7 ср 5 сен 2001 04:24

Great colors, clouds geometry and horizon perfectly defined and worked as silouhette, perfect shot

april coleman april coleman #8 ср 5 сен 2001 05:35

Yep, it`s magic in the skies - and once again you caught it улыбаюсь

Wu Xiao Wu Xiao #9 ср 5 сен 2001 11:33

Splendid view and excellent shoot!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #10 ср 5 сен 2001 13:11

Magical shot Greg..Dramatic sky...Well taken.

Chris VenHaus Chris VenHaus #11 чт 6 сен 2001 02:23

Wow. That`s downright surreal, Greg. Awesome image улыбаюсь

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #13 пн 10 сен 2001 00:44


Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #14 вт 5 фев 2002 03:41

i remember those films you mention (the 1930`s and 1940`s when everything was free of the action and violence crap we have to put up with today) i even think some of them could make one change one`s life for ever - on condition of course one spares some time to watch them and has enough sense to understand them
still photographs should attempt to do the same - change something in the mind of the viewer
but we are all in a hurry
we have to do so many things - even though 1) we do not know why and 2) we are aware of the fact that sooner or later those bombs are going to fall and bring everything to the most unequivocal end one could imagine
and therefore we do not have time to talk to others
what about listen to them
plus we are all victims of the fiercest spirit of competition man could ever foster
so then few care to try and communicate
numbers as you say are what is really important
the highest position is what they all want
and it is nothing but vain
who cares if john or joan is number one today
it is too relative to count it could simply be an accident

but if my clouds and light and display of shapes and choice of colours make one think about beauty or compassion or kindness or how to fight evil and sadness then i have done what i set out to do
irrespective of where i am in the rankings

Reby Red Reby Red #15 вс 17 фев 2002 21:55

exciting sky

AceStar AceStar #16 чт 22 дек 2005 01:16

I love the sunset .... and especially witht the clouds i liked your pic good work улыбаюсь

AceStar AceStar #17 чт 29 дек 2005 23:09

very beautiful colors улыбаюсь