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Фото "Angel"

фото "Angel" метки: портрет, женщина
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Canon EOS5+ EF50/1.4, at F1.4, Av mode. Nikon Coolscan IV ED. AGFA RSXII 50 
ср 5 сен 2001 11:38
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Михаил Марков Михаил Марков #1 ср 5 сен 2001 13:39

I don`t understand a title, may be it`s something of intimate, but photo is great!

Wu Xiao Wu Xiao #2 чт 6 сен 2001 04:37

Thanks for your comment. The girl`s nickname is Angel and she is really lovely.

Ktulu-babe Ktulu-babe #4 вс 21 окт 2001 05:51

She is cute улыбаюсь

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #5 вс 21 окт 2001 06:40

It`s a lovely portrait, I think. Maybe her body from the neck down is a little too blurred, making it look a bit detached from the head, which is very much in focus. The lighting and the tone seem to work great here. I`ve no experience in studio portraits but I believe ideally they shouldn`t have shadows on the face similar to that on the nose here... The frame is a little overpowering, in my view. But! Her expression, the slant of the head are really very lovely улыбаюсь

mariusz trojanowski mariusz trojanowski #6 чт 10 фев 2005 18:39

i like this one very much