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Фото "train life.."

фото "train life.." метки: путешествия, репортаж,
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train life..
..St.Petersburg - Riga 
чт 3 июн 2004 18:35
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a sd a sd #1 чт 3 июн 2004 18:41

Interesting composition Marika!
Whats the story behind this "train life.."?

Marika Marika #2 чт 3 июн 2004 18:45

This is a trai, just a train, among thousands of others. It lives its life and stays calm. But nobody tries to look under its skin, because it`s just a train. That is why there are no people on the picture, because they just come and go, but the bottles allways visit the train. Bottles and borderguards, who are curious about the shelves in the train, bags under seets...

a sd a sd #3 чт 3 июн 2004 18:51

Thank you very much for the explanation!
Very nice thoughts! Sometimes we donґt bother about the simple things that surround us. This is what the art of photografy is about, an expression of tastes, thoughts, moods, feelings, etc; You expressed yours very well!
Keep up the good work!

Marika Marika #4 чт 3 июн 2004 18:58

Thank You from the whole heart, Antonio for Your words! After many critics it`s very encouraging! I am glad You find an idea in my pictures and something more than a view!!

a sd a sd #5 чт 3 июн 2004 19:09

Always remember that art is an subjective world, some like it, some don`t, but in the end what really matters is that you express your feelings without fear about what the others think!
Sometimes people forget that behind the photography is a photographer, with its own way to see the world!
Best regards! улыбаюсь

just me just me #6 чт 3 июн 2004 19:20

Beautiful story!

Marika Marika #10 вс 6 июн 2004 03:09

thank you:)
Good luck

Arturo Mejia Dominguez Arturo Mejia Dominguez #7 пт 4 июн 2004 09:47

I like the color, balanced light, nice composition


Marika Marika #11 вс 6 июн 2004 03:09

Arturo - thanx to You for Your comment and mark!!

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #8 сб 5 июн 2004 13:33

excellent shallow dof...
great capture..!

Marika Marika #12 вс 6 июн 2004 03:10

Hej, Marita! Tack!

HASSAN V. HASSAN V. #9 сб 5 июн 2004 16:01

A very very good photo.i like it

Marika Marika #13 вс 6 июн 2004 03:10

If You knew, how pleasant it is to hear it!!! Thank You!

Scott Maher Scott Maher #14 вс 6 июн 2004 14:53

beatifully composed
has a very tranquil feel. without plastic bottles it would be timless.

guido stocco guido stocco #16 ср 11 авг 2004 12:41