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Фото "Les Jours Tristes"

фото "Les Jours Tristes" метки: портрет, дети
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Les Jours Tristes
ср 9 июн 2004 08:07
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Michael Palis Michael Palis #1 ср 9 июн 2004 08:24

Wonderful expression!

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #2 ср 9 июн 2004 11:16

Very well captured!

R-W R-W #3 ср 9 июн 2004 12:17

Good portrait.

Andre Andre #4 ср 9 июн 2004 12:53

Ok Cristi, lovely portrait but technicaly could be better, the top hair of the child is burned out, the eyes maybe could have been spoted with the "healing brush", the middle tones were put down too much on the curves, therefore, you see it on the left shoulder of the child, there`s a very distracting highlight on the middle left of the frame you can have spoted out with the "clone tool".
But after all, it`s a beautiful and expressive photo from that lovely child, technical CRAP apart, gave me pleasure to look at.
Technique isn`t all, there`s more in one image than that:)!

Best regards


Cristi Matei Cristi Matei #7 ср 9 июн 2004 15:40

You are right, but it is a street candid, I needed to act fast and the original is alot overexposed, so I needed to heavily adjust curves, actualy not curves, but channel mixer. Those things you see on his shoulder are actualy some lints in the childs blouse, that is more obvious in color. I didn`t do anything to the eyes, and about that distracting button, in the middle left, and even the one in the middle right, maybe I should clone those out. Thank you Andre for the indepth, I really apreciate it, I know tehnically is far from perfect, but I like the expression, above all that too улыбаюсь

a sd a sd #5 ср 9 июн 2004 14:02

Very strong portrait Cristi!!! Very expessive!

just me just me #6 ср 9 июн 2004 15:07

Great! Very well catched the expression, so sad...

Brites dos Santos Brites dos Santos #8 ср 9 июн 2004 16:46

Nice expression.

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #9 ср 9 июн 2004 18:38

Well done !!!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #10 чт 10 июн 2004 00:17

Strong expression well captued Cristi !!

luquesio melo luquesio melo #11 чт 10 июн 2004 01:20

A very sad expression well captured! Best regards, Cristi.

Лариса Михайлова lasemn Лариса Михайлова lasemn #12 чт 10 июн 2004 20:03


guido stocco guido stocco #13 пт 11 июн 2004 00:36

Beautiful expression!

M. Siergiejewicz M. Siergiejewicz #14 пт 11 июн 2004 01:02

:( sad photo.... but very well captured expression.
Regards улыбаюсь

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #15 пт 11 июн 2004 08:06

Great capture!!!!!