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Фото "Waiting for You..."

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Waiting for You...
This is a new, simplified version. 
вс 13 июн 2004 03:42
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Brites dos Santos Brites dos Santos #1 вс 13 июн 2004 04:21

Excellent lighting.

thoenen walo thoenen walo #2 вс 13 июн 2004 15:17

good idea, but IMHO to many elements



Mads Henriksen Mads Henriksen #4 вс 13 июн 2004 22:16

Hej Walo... I do not understand... what do you mean by IMHO???? Regards Mads

Mads Henriksen Mads Henriksen #5 пн 14 июн 2004 19:30

Hej Walo. Yes, maby you are right. I will try it without the glass bowel - that might make it simpler. Regards

#2 thoenen walo wrote:

> good idea, but IMHO to many elements



Наталия Наталия #3 вс 13 июн 2004 20:12

Curious plot

Erland Pillegaard EFIAP/B -MSDF-PSA 1 Erland Pillegaard EFIAP/B -MSDF-PSA 1 #6 ср 23 июн 2004 16:02

Meget lжkkert billede du har lavet her

miguel miguel #7 чт 8 июл 2004 00:32

I (eye) like the lighting but her boddy seems a bit spotted. Nice anyway.

Mads Henriksen Mads Henriksen #8 чт 8 июл 2004 18:35

Hey Miguel. Thanks for your comments. Yes I like to make different picts.

She is spotted because of the blending mode with the bricks. In a better resulution she seems semi transparant.

It dosn`t come out to well on screen.

Regards Mads

Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #9 ср 4 авг 2004 20:20

Is this Lamia from Greek mythology.
Nicely done but little bit too morbid for me.

Nice lines and colors.