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Фото "The Manor House"

фото "The Manor House" метки: ню, портрет, женщина
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The Manor House
Un retouched but converted to sepia, only available light used 
вс 20 июн 2004 22:30
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Jaak BELLEN Jaak BELLEN #1 пн 21 июн 2004 02:14

beautyful setup. Like the opposite light from the window.

Volk56 Volk56 #2 пн 21 июн 2004 08:57

Nice shot!

Андрей Громов Андрей Громов #3 пн 21 июн 2004 10:01

Beautiful work. Yours faithfully.

Вячеслав Аксёнов Вячеслав Аксёнов #4 пн 21 июн 2004 14:51



Michael McCann Michael McCann #5 пн 21 июн 2004 16:47

Beautiful soft image. Well done!

Mads Henriksen Mads Henriksen #6 пн 21 июн 2004 20:30

I like this pict...it`s good... but.... I think it could be better. Well, unretouched is fine if there is no reason to manipulate. But here there is a reason to adjust contrast. The pict is to flat. I`m sure you could increase contrast without loosing detail. Allso, in my opinion, you should crop the top till under the rolling curtain and try to rotate a little to the left to straighten up the falling horizontal lines.

Finaly I think it`s such a pity to make a text line across the center of a pict. Why not place it at the buttom???

Regards Mads

LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #7 пн 21 июн 2004 22:58

Thanks Mads

I did think of adjusting the verticals but then I would have distorted the model. If I had cropped the image then the composition value would have changed. As for contrast I take your point but then this is my personal preference. All your points are valid, thank you


LATITUDE 52 LATITUDE 52 #8 пн 21 июн 2004 22:58

oops..finally Mads the text is accroos the centre to protect the image!

A Brito A Brito #9 вт 22 июн 2004 12:52

lovely !!!

Oleg Nitsko Oleg Nitsko #10 пт 16 июл 2004 20:35

Very pleasure work !