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Фото "Playing on the old tree"

фото "Playing on the old tree" метки: портрет, дети
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Playing on the old tree
вт 29 июн 2004 01:06
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miguel miguel #1 вт 29 июн 2004 01:08

You captured them in a very nice mood.

apl apl #2 вт 29 июн 2004 01:29

Very nice capture!

Rodolfo Leite Rodolfo Leite #3 вт 29 июн 2004 01:41

Nice snapshot, great colors and Textures.

Cristi Matei Cristi Matei #4 вт 29 июн 2004 01:50

Beautiful image, regards!

Bjorn Johan Kirksather Bjorn Johan Kirksather #5 вт 29 июн 2004 02:29

very nice capture!

Наталия Нурланд Наталия Нурланд #6 вт 29 июн 2004 02:59

very nice picture!

luquesio melo luquesio melo #7 вт 29 июн 2004 02:59

Lovely capture!!! Um abraco.

a sd a sd #8 вт 29 июн 2004 03:04

Excellent capture!!! Well spoted!!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #9 вт 29 июн 2004 03:15

Good catch and nice light.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #10 вт 29 июн 2004 05:33

Excellent capture... lovely!!!


Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #11 вт 29 июн 2004 06:51

And the left boy tired and sleep! улыбаюсь

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #12 вт 29 июн 2004 07:32

Great capture! Beautiful details and capture of expression! WOW! улыбаюсь

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #13 вт 29 июн 2004 08:16

oh....me fez lembrar da minha infancia...
muito bom

Ernst Hermann Ernst Hermann #14 вт 29 июн 2004 10:03

very nice composition. regards, Ernst

Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #15 вт 29 июн 2004 19:24

Beautiful picture, takes you away from everyday problems and you remember when you used to play on the similar tree. Great moment, what a joy, and nicely composed too. Colors are gorgeous also.

There is one little problem regarding the quality but I’m afraid to say anything since it seams that I’m the only one who sees it. I believe that you had to resize this photo from the original size and then I also believe that in this process something didn’t work out well. You can see that on the face of the boy with red baseball hat and their bodies, quality degraded due to (I guess) incorrect processing.

Please take this as friendly question not personally, remember that I really like your work.

Best wishes,


I had a similar problem more then often, sometimes I still have this problem and I don’t know how to fix it yet. It has to do something with compression of the file, Adobe RGB and sRGB, I guess that on this site your pictures should be posted as Adobe RGB. Well, what do I know?