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Фото "The Milky Way"

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The Milky Way
On the way to Baker Lake, Washington 
чт 1 июл 2004 06:54
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Zeca Zeca #1 чт 1 июл 2004 07:10

Unique flow...love to see it a little bigger, but i respect or option.

Congrats Sanjin.


Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #2 чт 1 июл 2004 07:13

I don`t know why is it so small, but this is the size I got after resizing to 400 kb, which is maximum size for upload. Maybe I`m doing something wrong. Anyway, Thanks a lot for your words.


Zeca Zeca #3 чт 1 июл 2004 07:31


The maximum size for photos in Photoforum is 150 Kb,
but i talk about the dimensions of the picture length and width. I don t know what program do you use, but you have actually 399 x 266 pixeis with 240 pixeis by inch in the resolution.

Bring the resolution to 72 pixeis by inch is enough to net pictures and make a small file. The size you can bring up to 500, 600...pixeis.

I use Photoshop, if you need help...just ask. In PS you made this with imaze size option.

Well my english is not good...and is a Wonderful photo, always...

Regards Zeca

Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #7 чт 1 июл 2004 08:03

Thank you Zeca,

I wonder if the resoulution is too big but now I know the answer. I have many questions about the PS so I don`t know where to start. I send you Email...and you English is better then most of Americans I met thru my life here in country of freedom and pride, улыбаюсь

take care,

Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #8 чт 1 июл 2004 08:05

You see, I can`t spell correctly!
English is confusing, its like you talk french and write in Chinese,
something like that I guess

Zeca Zeca #10 чт 1 июл 2004 08:22

We can understand always the real meaning of the important things ; )

Send the questions...i try to help you !

[ ] Zeca

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #4 чт 1 июл 2004 07:40

Great composition and effect on the water!!!!
I love it!!!!


d e a n d e a n #5 чт 1 июл 2004 07:46

Very nice....is this place near Mount Baker?



Sanjin Lopatic Sanjin Lopatic #6 чт 1 июл 2004 08:00

You killing me...things got little bit tight back east so I had to make a move to Mt. Baker.

Low key my friend...great shooting yesterday...


Michael McCann Michael McCann #9 чт 1 июл 2004 08:06

Very beautiful.

Tom Lencer Tom Lencer #11 чт 1 июл 2004 09:38

Very good effect of flowing water.

luquesio melo luquesio melo #12 чт 1 июл 2004 13:16

Very well done, Sanjin! I like very much this effect on the water. Congrats and regards.

Andre Andre #13 чт 1 июл 2004 14:44

Lovely flow, nice use of shutter speeds Sanjin;).

Best regards


Vale de Sousa Vale de Sousa #14 чт 1 июл 2004 17:38

why so small?

miguel miguel #15 чт 1 июл 2004 20:35

Good picture indeed. it could be bigger too.