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ФОМА ФОМА #1 сб 29 дек 2001 05:14

Любимые мною перспективные искажения:)

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #2 сб 29 дек 2001 07:02


Aunjerli Aunjerli #3 сб 29 дек 2001 07:34

I would just prefer a deeper gutsier tone.But a lovely frame.

ATTENTION ATTENTION #4 сб 29 дек 2001 17:43

Спасибо всем за внимание, мнения и оценки.

Greg Summers Greg Summers #5 сб 29 дек 2001 17:47

How i love to use winde angle to create impact and detail - and this is a perfect example

Юрий и Ольга Юрий и Ольга #6 пн 14 янв 2002 16:41

ЛВУ хочется заполнить чем нибудь искажённым

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #7 ср 30 янв 2002 02:28

who would not go for one like this
they make the delight of everybody it is amazing that car manufacturers do not think about something so simple they all go for those impersonal silly designs of today that run from one company to another as if they really have to please their stupid customers
the lens gives a good image of something that could be more lethal than the dog before
cars kill and cripple more people than disease and wars
`bring it to me` the headline goes
it could be the dog it could be the man who built this car it could be me the discontented
it could be the one who curved the world